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#1 Posted : 11/21/2020 11:51:39 PM
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Hello, nice to finally meet you all. I have learned a lot from this forum so an official thank you is in order.

Now a little quick thing that I'm curious if anyone knows about.

SWIM has apparently wrote a little thing about a different form of "DMT" that I came across. No source.

The creation is the usual MHRB lye/naptha extraction with the exception that you would add Sassafras inner root 2:1 MHRB:Sass ratio with 1g Lye per g of root matter. The interesting part is after separating the Naptha they apparently let the Naptha sit in a glass vessel with 24k Gold for about 1-2 hours before freeze precipitation.

Does anyone know enough about to chemistry to explain what exactly could be going on? Initial tests were apparently Root Beer flavored DMT that is harder to burn, easier to vaporize.

They called it Gold DMT.

Again, nice to finally formally meet you all.

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#2 Posted : 11/22/2020 8:46:36 PM

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Sounds pretty much exactly like what you describe, sassafras flavoured DMT. Traces of essential oils have remained stuck to the DMT crystals so the aroma is nothing too surprising. The thing about the gold has no rational chemical basis as far as I can see but it may be in accord with some kind of alchemical symbolism.

Of course, if you want to highlight some jewelery, just be up front about it:
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