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#1 Posted : 11/21/2020 8:07:39 PM
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Hello i am a young man from Norway that finally decided to make an account. I stumbled upon this forum for many years ago but never registrered. However i have been interested in DMT since i first discovered it when i was about 18 years. At that age i got my hands on some mimosa hostilis rootbark, which was probably much easier to obtain at that time. I did not extract it until 7 years later, which is now. I used lazymans tek from this forum.

My experience with DMT
I had the thought of trying DMT in my head for 1 year before i decided I was ready. I meditated for a while but still my hands started shaking when i was about to fire up the herb. I was anxious. I had to calm myself down many times before i just suddenly fired it up without thinking and i got the warmest and most positive feeling i had ever had. DMT showed me that I had nothing to worry about, neither about the dmt itself, or in the real world. Since then I have done it around once a year.
I have also done LSD, magic mushrooms, and mescaline. I have a few san pedro cactuses that i grow.

I have only a few friends that are into DMT, therefore i am interested in discussions from this forum. I still have a lot to learn both from the wiki and forum. And i must say i admire many of the texts from this forum that describe topics that i thought was impossible to describe.

I can mention i enjoy Alan Watts lectures. Sorry for my bad english, and thanks for letting me make an account.


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Welcome Powerthoughts, I like your cautious approach. I enjoy Alan Watt's lectures as well. He had a gift for explaining esoteric concepts.
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