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#1 Posted : 11/18/2020 1:07:23 AM

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I just finished a beautifully intense healing session with Changa.

I've had this bad back injury for about a week, and it really knocked me down. I couldn't walk, sit, lay, or do anything to find relief. I truly felt stuck in my body. I haven't left the house for days. Been trying to heal myself all week, with little effect, until I thought "why don't I try some changa."

Soo my partner and I decided that we'd both eat 110mg syrian rue harmaline extract (the bright yellow soft powder) then smoke some changa about an hour later....

Our intentions:

I simply wished for a sub breakthrough experience so I could try to direct my focus on healing and realigning my back/spine.... My girlfriend wanted a DEEP experience, she really wanted to SEE, she was basically inviting a breakthrough experience...

Intending to go deep, I lit the pipe for her allowing her to hit it until she couldn't anymore, then she laid back and entered her experience....

Then i packed a fresh bowl and took like 4 hits... I was very gracefully taken into a very deep breakthrough experience (much deeper than I aimed for)... it truly was one of those mega doses where you fly through hyper space until you kind of dissociate (some say blackout) pretty hard....

when I came back into my bodily conciousness I found that I was laying down while thrust-stretching my pelvic region and twisting, then slightly humping, and just doing a bit of yoga with my body as I surfed the changa wave, still with massively distracting visuals....

My girlfriend got exactly what she asked for: in her words "TOO MUCH"

Big grin she was left pretty confused but still full of rich memories of her experience....

We capped the experience with a few last tokes changa each, and I took a very small dose of N20...Just WOW, What a wonderful way to exit the experience.....Giggly and in awe, we are just little psychedelic children

As I write this (30 min later) I have to note that my body feels substantially better... the pain is in no way gone, but i can finally move as I normally do, I can finally stretch again, I can finally breathe deep.. This changa experience was absolutely transformative for me...

Setting these healing intentions has done wonders for me tonight... This isn't my first time working with changa to heal physical wounds/ailments, but I absolutely had to share this with the nexus...

Light and Love and Travel Well..

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The intentions plays a huge part, as we work on some side of communication with the cells and microorganims. And we are more recptive and also more powerfully assertive when underthe influence of the strong classic psychedelics inmy experience as well.
That's really good to read that, yes its hard to say at times, but I also had what could be a healing experience when I first used Incilisu alvarisu ( 5 Meo DMT) secretion.
We did an outdoor ceremony, we were 4 people, 2 participant ( well 3 as the practitioner low dose as well ), one sober sitter who can take care of us and drive or call ifnecessary ( careful with 5 meo dmt especially the toad one, same for iboga, those are two claissic psychedelic who may have cause respiratoiry arrest or cardiac arrest, so I don't suggest you would use it alone, or even without proper guidance and professional safe people - we never know, it could go good 85 % of times but you don't want to bein the 15% traumatised or injured ).
That being said, I was victim after splitting up and being homeless to a huge stress ( my employer ceased to pay me for 4Months at the time and as you know, with no money income you don't live long in a city ), I think my immune system and moral crushed, cause I contracted a staphilococcus, the anti biotic resistant strain, that doctors couldn't treat.
Can't tell for sureif its coincidence ( but I doubt it ), since this 5 meo strong dose with intention directed at this problem, which I knew could have debilitating repercution. I never been annoyed and seen the infection anymore.
Few years later, I've learnt too late a friend ( of friend ) died in north mexico or "skin infection' which could be very well be the same type as I had. I just thought after initial shock, that could have been worth a try. The secretions of amphibians are known to contain powerful peptides that I believe are great counter attack to harmful pathogens.
I started a fantastic fascination for this molecule and another animal secretion in my practice of herbalism ( after Kambo and Hirudotherapy - leech treatment that I use to adress other issues, like blot clotting ).

Smell like tea n,n spirit !

Toke the toke, and walk the walk !
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