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#1 Posted : 2/16/2020 3:13:36 PM

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Wake up. Gym, run 2 miles. Come home. Meditate, smoke some DMT around 11:00 AM

Upon landing, I decided I wanted to do mescaline. Once the DMT had completely worn off around 11:45, I began to fill gel caps with 30.2g of dried san pedro powder, and drank them between 11:55 AM and noon.

The mescaline came on very, very slowly. I thought I hadn't taken enough, and was just going to ride out a low dose. I smoked some weed to see if I could give it some life. And then it hit really hard and fast. I reached for the vaporizer the instant I was finally in a good enough headspace to smoke DMT. No intention, no concern, no worries, just grins and smiles and that alluring draw calling from hyperspace. The sound of the mescaline had overpowered the actual music playing as I waited for my heart to stop beating out of my chest. And once I was calm, I pressed the button and drew the vapor into my lungs, opening up what felt to me like the most exclusive secret room of psychedelic perception. Before I left the room I knew I was headed somewhere special. So many events happened, and I cannot be remotely certain in what order:

Ascension with unbound velocity, explosions of white, pink, and blue overlaid everything in the room for a brief moment before I was pulled through.

The music from the mescaline had fused with the music from the DMT, and my circulatory system turned to velvet. My entire body morphed into building blocks of something softer, more advanced, relaxing, and invincible. It felt like my body turned into 8 different segments of a marshmallow life form. Entities appeared all around me, beautiful creatures that all appeared part human in some capacity or another. They began pressing in on different parts of my body, stuffing my marshmallow head down into my marshmallow torso. My limbs were rearranged and moved around. The entities smiled at me so friendly. I know this all sounds uncomfortable, but it felt like I was getting some kind of luxury service performed at a spa inside of a Mescaline-DMT luxury resort.

Finally I had completely entered the trip, and the third eye was my only conscious perception. I felt like I had uncovered the biggest secret of all time. My body became to feel overwhelmed, but then I was ascended yet again. The DMT was even more indescribable than usual, it had such a big personality, ever changing between male and female. Communication with this entire trip-entity felt like natural speech and telepathic connection simultaneously. I was repeatedly jolted with astonishment as colors I had never seen before flowed in and out of my spirit. I dissolved into the geometry and ceased to exist as someone who experiences, and became an observing force of all life. And then, in perfect contradiction, I was back in body, in a completely different universe, living in some kind of city among other people, entities, spirits, animals, and aliens that have lived as observers before and then ended up here. Everyone in this place with me had arrived by the same means. Not by space travel, or some other means, but through mescaline and DMT. At least that was the narrative. It felt similar to how it feels to live a fake life while dreaming. Completely made up routines, relationships, and circumstances that came from nowhere seemed perfectly natural. I'm not sure if I lived in this place for a day, a week, or a year. Anywhere I went, anyone I talked to, whatever I was doing, everything was running on DMT. The people lived and breathed DMT, the buildings, pets, food, water, was all continuously morphing DMT patterns. At some point it felt like I was riding on the highway that ran above this city. The road beneath me was a DMT tunnel, the entities who had emerged at the beginning of this trip were welcoming me again on my way out. What was I travelling in? It wasn't a car, or anything like that. I realized my body was finally coming back and it had been so long since I had one I forgot what it had felt like. My living room began to return and I could hear the actual music playing again and I experienced life through the lens of mescaline as the DMT began to fade. I could barely make out my hand, still holding the vaporizer. I remember thinking "yeah lets go ahead and put that down for now..."

I sat there trying to make sense of what had just happened. I could not believe what just happened at all.
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Excellent trip report. Unbelievable how different substances can interact and create such a phenomenal experience. Would love to try this combo too.

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Wow. Just wow.
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Cool experience report! Thanks for sharing! Perhaps next time I take San Pedro I will smoke some spice after the come up.

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olympus mon wrote:
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oh my god.

this is shocking.

unfathomable the implications. deep and mysterious like the ocean.

May we not fall into forgetfulness.
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I can strongly recommend a little bit of Bufo on top of San Pedro.. The synergy is amazing.. they are like brothers.. Desert creaturesPleased
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damn dude you went in, no words.

love that spa massage marshmellow vibe lol
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Incredible report VibeSurfer! Thanks for sharing this.
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