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#1 Posted : 11/2/2020 6:39:15 PM

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This guy is "growing" shoes. Paving the way for another avenue of renewable shoes!

From the post:

Mushroom Shoes: The rise of “Fast Fashion” and fashion’s reliance on fossil fuels is harming the planet in numerous ways. Most shoes today are made of some form of plastic and due to detailed manufacturing methods 95% of shoes end up in landfills. Shoes are unfortunately the most environmentally damaging part of your wardrobe.

Mushrooms can eat almost anything and I believe they will help humans heal the planet. Mushroom Mycelium is the root system that breaks down organic waste material to create a strong flexible material known as a mycelium block. This is my first prototype of a mushroom shoe, but I believe there’s so many opportunities to experiment and create a new shoe manufacturing process. This is a very basic shoe design, but I hope to design a complex and functional shoe soon. By using an organic cotton sock I was able to let the mycelium eat into the fabric, so I didn’t have to sew anything.

With creative solutions we can find our way out of humanities reliance on fossil fuels.
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That's amazing, thank you!
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