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Advice for my first pharma journey t-8:00 Options
#1 Posted : 10/11/2020 1:35:50 PM
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The plan is to eat a large breakfast of mostly fruit and grain. Work 8hours return this evening with hours of light to spare. Ingest 168mg capsulized harmine/harmaline freebase(weight is 49.9kg) wait 1 hour for gelcap decomposition then 5ml dmt fumarate solution and 42mg harmine/harmaline freebase mixed in grapefruit juice followed by a croissant.
My dmt fumarate solution was yielded via d-limo blab tek variant on previous mimosahuasca which was too tannin dense. Over half the spice has been yielded but the aqeous faze hasnt been evapped and weighed so 5ml is between 50mg-100mg,I know my bark is slightly over 1% a week just isnt long enough for complete exhaustion.
200mg harmalas at once is enough to make light hurt, fill my vision with an ocean of trails, and pin me to the floor dreaming. 150mg is highly euphoric but in no way dominating. By ingesting 168mg followed by 42mg I hope to be hit hard enough by the harmalas that if its only 50mg it will still be satisfactory.
Since my recent aya journeys have been all pain and a learning opportunity in the failure sense, my confidence in the mechanism is shaken. I believe it is due to not shaking the brew and drinking mostly tannin.
Please impart any and all wisdom I'm willing to make changes if necessary. If you have no wisdom to share keep me in your prayers because I will be repeating this excercise shortly if I fail.

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#2 Posted : 10/12/2020 4:48:08 PM

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hello,, so you're positive that 5Ml of your dmt fumarate solution is beween 50mg and 100mg n,n DMT or I don't get why you don't waitto wieght a solid n,n DMT fumarate and start from accurate dosage. Given your weight, the harmalas should suffice, but you'll see that some mayneed to eat even a fruit or a slice of bread ( ifyou like with butter or olive oil etc..) to start digestion. We are a few who if swallowing gelcaps and waiting,nothing kicks. But eating soemthing ideally afruit like banana or a pear I'd say, apple, would start digest. youy may even eat everything at once with the fruit fellowing and not waiting one hour for harmalas to peak before the DMT..
But whatever there are few options and dosage and fasting VS eating a "snack" to kick the digestion into ON mode is also depending upon different metabolism.
I'd say good luck, I also had a learning curve with pharmahuasca to find I like to take 200 to 300 mg harmalas freebase with 75 to 110 mg DMT fumarate.
ENjoy it is well worth the trial and errors..
Smell like tea n,n spirit !

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#3 Posted : 10/14/2020 12:27:23 PM
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The night after posting this I ingested 168mg harmalas fb followed by a sip of water after fasting most of the day. I vaporized 96% thc while waiting an hour. Exactly an hour after the harmala predose I ingested 5ml fumarate sol in 50ml coke with 42mg harmalas "mixed" in, chased with pomegranate juice because I hate soda and havent drank it in years also a bite of a croissant. After 15minutes I was clearly tripping, after another 15 I was tripping fairly hard and the harmalas began making me feel like I was spinning and folding time dilation,euphoria and introspection dramatic. I could no longer fight the purge after 1 hour and drew a shallow bath to nod out in on the harmalas. The dmt effects left feriously with the purge I was sitting eyes closed watching movie like scenes play out with characters, everything shifted becoming bright silver, blue, gold shipibo like fractals and was forced to purge by the pharma bubbling up the back of my throat. Was very nice, so nice the next day I repeated the same diet. Except in the morning I took 60mg harmalas fb waited 1 hour and had a cup of coffee to mask a spoon of bridgesii outer green flesh. The evening I took 100mg harmalas followed by 2.5ml dmt in 20ml pomegranate juice an hour later felt weak, I took another 30mg harmalas mixed with 2.5ml in 20ml pomegranate juice followed by a bite of a croissant 10min later. I did not puke and tripped for roughly 3 hours. Absolute ego death rambling nonsense to myself the whole time, felt like existing with a scrubbed mind completely suggestible and ready to be guided down the path of least resistance. Yes I am certain 5ml is between 100mg and 50mg, my math is decent and I know my bark. I did not choose to not evap the water because it would consume my time or effort both are expendable I want a saturated dmt solution of fumarate salts that smells like lemons rather than crystals. I plan to further concentrate with dmt without increasing the fumarate concentration to have something less acidic per ml with more dmt per ml, I could measure with an eyedropper.
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