Ayahuasca as my first psychedelic experience whatsoever Options
#1 Posted : 5/26/2020 8:55:51 PM
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(mind)Set: Premeditated, focused
(physical condition) Set: Fasted a day prior, body feels "ready"
Setting (location): My own room
time of day: (12 or 24 hour system, daylight? starlight? overcast?)12:00 in the morning initial dosing, 15:00ish second dosing
recent drug use: none at the time for over 8 months, except mild alcohol intake roughly 3 months prior
last meal: 24 hours before, do not remember

Gender: m
body weight: 88 kg roughly at time of intake
known sensitivities: none
history of use: First timer for this substance, and no experience with psychedelics prior , had waking nightmares on THC oil ~3 years ago(was not a inherently bad experience)


Substance(s): MHRB tea + B. Caapi. Tea
Dose(s): Unknown, roughly 100ml of each I would guess ; overall experience would imply the dosage was low, see trip report
Method of administration: Oral


Administration time:
T=0:00 Drank Caapi
T=0:20 drank MHRB tea, ingested plant material on accident

Duration: roughly 6 hours total
First effects: T=1:00Drowsiness, nausea, intense cold, 4 blankets wouldn't keep me warm, tensed trapezoid muscles to try to enhance warmness, it works
T=1:20 Afraid nothing will happen, but then a hum ensues, and I grin from ear to ear!
I lay back and enjoy the experience, I am glad to have done it, I know this will be good
T2:00 the hum carries over into slight closed eye hallucinations
T3:00 a glow, a veritable sun of love envelopes me, I enjoy it
T3:30 the love is so intense I question it, I experience the monster from "Aquila Rift" in the back of my mind, I do not freak out and just try to accept it
T4:00 intense internal work, I am shown why I function as I do, why I pushed back people in relationships and choose to distance myself with elitism, among other things
T4:30-5:00 cannot remember much, I presume it was continued work with my own psychology
Come down: T5:30 the internal work has definitely ceased and I am just basking in a glow of love, I feel it will soon return to normal

Baseline:T6:00 and with a spirited "landing" back on earth, I feel rejuvenated, I did not know I was depressed before, but I definitely know I was now

Intensity (overall): 1
Evaluation / notes:

Pleasantness: 3
Unplesantness: 1
Visual Intensity: 1


Hangover: 0 none
Afterglow: 0 none


Prior to this trip, I took MHRB and Caapi in correct order and timing, but ingested plant material.

Was forced into a nauseasus sleep and constantly jarred back awake by the sounds I can only describe as the same used during jumpscares of horror movies, accompanied with vampires tearing apart their victims and lots of blood everywhere, certainly interesting, and felt very much like it was the plant material telling me I fucked up.

3 hours later re-did the intake, no plant material this time.

I very much thought nothing would happen until I suddenly started hearing a hum.
I grinned ear to ear and settled in my 4 blankets even comfier.

During the whole trip I might have opened my eyes only twice, it distracted me from my internal work and I closed them again.

Visuals internally were very few, I focussed mostly on the psychology, it was very much like a blank slate of thought, few visual cues initially.
The feeling of another "Presence" being in the room sets in.
At some point I felt an intense feeling of being loved.
My nature does not let me accept anything that feels "too good" to be without hooks attached, I am accompanied by the monster of "Aquila Rift", google "Aquila Rift Alien Monster" or watch the story on youtube, you'll understand why.

I shove the imagery to the back of my head and try not to freak out, I try to accept it, and it works.

I am shown why I push others away, that the sexual abuse by my neighbor and stepfather did in fact affect me, and that it is best I accept this, I do.

I am shown that my inabillity to communicate with most, and the innately alien mind I have in comparison to what I see of others, forces me to push them away, for I want to have someone I can truly identify with as well, this helps me.

I cannot remember much else past that I was slowly easing back into real time.

After coming back, I felt energized.

This was followed by several weeks of productivity and general wellbeing.

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#2 Posted : 5/27/2020 8:03:32 AM

I rather root my values in my own hallucinations than in society´s neurotic illusions..

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Good choice!Smile
"Too cute to live, too cozy to die" - Eaglepath
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Thanks for sharing your experience, I would love to see more people document theirs with the old-school structured approach. This is why I fell in love with this site years ago!

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SynKyd wrote:
Thanks for sharing your experience, I would love to see more people document theirs with the old-school structured approach. This is why I fell in love with this site years ago!

Thumbs up

Thank you for the kind replies.

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Congratulates on your uplifting experience! If I may offer a little trick, no hooks attached. It was from one of the most loveliest vibrational feelings I've ever experienced/reached/tasted during an aya ceremony. I've always wanted to re-experience it. Yes, you can. Remember, as vividly as you could what that unconditional love feels like. Go back to that feeling, through all your senses and remember & recreate. Dial your feeling back to that vibration as much as you can. Recreate as often as needed. Pleased
#6 Posted : 9/26/2020 2:55:37 PM
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Aya too was my first Psychedelic, using analog plants Rue and Mimosa/Acacia, it's my favorite Psychedelic, so long as i have Aya, i don't really need anything else but other Psyches can be interesting too.
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