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#1 Posted : 9/15/2020 6:24:38 AM

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So... Its been a while since I was here. But its time I told these to someone.

Its been months since I went. Almost 7 now. But I have my good reasons for not wanting to rush back in.

My first 4 rides through hyperspace were amazing, eye opening, and mostly what I would call "Good Trips"
The next 3 were not the same. Not by a long shot.

As I took my 5th ride, everything changed. This is when I met the Jester for the first time.
He immediately spoke to me as I went into the waiting room, not even having broken fully through, and wow his presence was STRONG!

He was speaking into my mind directly. Almost instantly, I knew what he was and had an image of him in my mind, but could not actually see him. Come to think of it, I am not sure I have ever actually seen him. Only the image of him that he wants in my mind. He shows you what HE wants you to see.

He immediately told me that he thought I was "Faking it" (The trip) and repeatedly asked "Are you faking it?"
Then he shifted to "Here, you should look at this in my hands" as he was showing me a shape that was utterly impossible. Watching Color and Light invert and warp into colors and patterns I have never seen before. Impossible shapes. Geometry that was only able to be perceived in that place. Confusing, captivating, and ever in motion on the surface. Letters and Numbers from multiple languages dancing on the surface of the object.

I found myself thinking "If I could only take this thing back out with me into the real world, they would all understand everything"

Then I started coming out of it, and the world here, re-appeared in a blocky pixelated version of itself. Like living in minecraft. The campfire I had lit earlier was not sharp and pointed tips, but blocky and coming off in large chunks at the top.

This effect took a good while to come out of and was somewhat disorienting. Even the people I had nearby looked blocky and undefined for close to 15 minutes.

After Waiting several days, and digesting the experience with the Jester, I decided to go back for #6.

I had a friend with me as always to watch me, keep eyes on breathing, catch the pipe etc...
As soon as I went all the way in for this ride, he was there. The Jester. Waiting for me.

He told me as much, stating "Ahh I have been here waiting since you last came, I had more to show you." As he grabbed my head and started forcing images into my mind that I could not resist.
He then returned my attention to the impossible shape, and said "Here, let me show you the inside down and the upside right" As he turned his reality inside out and morphed the space into impossible shapes and colors I couldn't ever have imagined, he then started doing what he called "Turning color inside out" and made sure to mention "See, Isn't it fun?"

But he isn't fun. He is "Having Fun" at my expense. His goal seems to be to confuse my mind and try and push reality further from the forefront of my mind. If you were a beach go-er sleeping on a float, he would be that guy that would come by and kick you out to sea. Just to observe the look of fear on your face when you awakened and couldn't find the shoreline.

Again, after this was over, I waited about a week to try again. Hoping at this point, that HE wouldn't be there. And that another peaceful experience would be mine.

7th time was NOT the charm. Unfortunately.
Again, he was there. And this time he had nearly TOTAL control. Of me, of my perception, and even my body...
I was sitting in a chair, facing the back of my farm, looking off into the woods of the property next to mine. As I slipped out, and was again in his space, he immediately took over my body and started working me like a puppet. He said "Here, lets try something more fun this time."
"Open Your Eyes" And They opened, to a totally normal view of the forest in front of me. Nearly baseline in appearance.
"Now close your eyes"
And The trees and landscape instantly changed into a Porcelain ground, with trees and grasses and plants made of Flesh and dripping with blood. Throbbing and growing before my eyes.
"Stand Up"
And I shot up from my chair! Which was odd as usually I cannot stand up on the stuff at all.
"Now Sit Down!"
And I Plopped HARD into my chair, busting the seams of the cloth chair in the process. (Had to throw it away after this trip)
Then he showed me the forest normal, and then again as the flesh forest. Dripping and throbbing.
After this, he lost his grip on me and I was able to come out of it... Opening my eyes to shake the blood forest image as quickly as possible. IT stayed with me when I closed my eyes for about 5 - 10 minutes. Then baseline.

I have only tried to go back one other time since, and Not even at the waiting room, I could hear him taunting me from the other side. Waiting for me to pop in... So he can play.

I have come to understand, that he is trying to teach me something about the darker parts of myself. And that my resistance to this is likely the reason these trips have been so hard for me to deal with.

As a person with ERD (Explosive Rage Disorder), I am somewhat fearful, of exactly WHAT he is trying to show me.

There may be parts of myself dark enough, that even I don't want to know them.

He appears to be my personal challenge.

Any suggestions?
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Sounds very intense!Neutral

Never had an entity force my body to do anything before. I've not had many entity interactions but none have been that hostile. I've seen bug/plant demons on mushrooms once but I dealt with them.

Try to surrender to the experience but show the jester he isn't in total control.
Mix of surrender but keep some control. It sounds weird to describe it but feeling it is easier.

That's my input but don't take it as the answer to your problem. I hope it helps some! Stay safe traveler.Smile
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Thank you for the advice. I'll take it to heart for my next visit.

For sure.
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This is very interesting. The only knowledge I have from personal experience is jester's are entertainers in both the comedic sense, and the fact they will "entertain" many perspectives that can be interrupted in two opposite extremes. (Much like the metaphor behind the symbol of a comedy and tragedy mask). I'm not experienced enough to give advice but if I were you, I would attempt to move past the feelings of repulsion and attempt to communicate your own perspective in an entertaining way. My friend who creates music was coming in regular contact with a jester entity and the experience finally gave way to a new aspect when he decided to "play" using his mind, some original music for the jester.
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Thank you.
I honestly never thought to try and "entertain" the entertainer.

He is clearly a type of showman, as he always has something to "Present" to fascinate and wow you.

His dual nature, comedy/tragedy, seemed to present itself at first as the showman, then as it moved on I became the show... To whom, he is puppet-ing me, I am uncertain. (Myself? Other entities? or Simply for his own entertainment. I honestly cannot tell his intentions easily.)

I will try as you suggest. Just because it sounds like an interesting way to approach it.

Again. Thank you.
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Interesting read.

Please keep us updated GulliverTravels
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I think the character of the jester is a benign one... But maybe it can be hard to understand how seemingly malevolent behaviour can actually be benevolent guidance. The jester isn't afraid to expose your flaws, and you have to be ready to confront that fact. When the jester succeeds in making you angry, or scared, or miserable, (and by the looks of it, he will) you have to slow down and consider how he did it; what flaw in you was exploited to arouse that reaction.
He's like the brutally honest friend that you wish you could hate, but you know has got your back!

My understanding of it all, anyway.
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#8 Posted : 9/22/2020 12:56:15 AM

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Thank you for the response.
Yes, I have also read much on the benign nature of the Jester. Though my extensive searching on him, has certainly revealed that the aptly named "Hyperspace Jester" has a very dual nature. As much as we all do I suppose.

He is supposedly a reflection of our inner selves, the more embarrassing, confusing, ego-centric, and even the angry/darker parts of our subconscious.

With that said, I still agree with his benign nature. I do not feel threatened by him necessarily. Just uncomfortable. Out of place. Lost. Confused. Whenever he is around.

His malevolent nature in my case, likely comes from within. An expression of my own rage, and the loss of logic and reason I experience when it happens. At least, that is how I am currently looking at it.

Though you also make some good points about trying to determine the underlying flaws he is trying to poke at, and how he is trying to use them against me. As I am sure others do as I go about my daily life.

I'm slowly getting to the point of wanting to go back and see how this pans out...

Again, thank you for your input. I'll be certain to incorporate your approach.

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"If I could only take this thing back out with me into the real world, they would all understand everything"

if only...

what amazing experiences. thanks for reporting. what has worked for me with the jesters is to love them--that will garner their respect--and then to try and look beyond them, they seem to be gatekeepers. Generally behind them there is a portal to hyperspace, so that you can travel through it and totally breakthrough. Of course, this is only in my experience. Every mind is a universe in itself.
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