Please help me identify this spice Options
#1 Posted : 9/7/2020 7:39:34 PM

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Hey dear Nexus

It's been a while since i have been here the last time.

Much time have passed and i have now decided to return to the mysterious hyperspace again after 4 years of abundance. I return, because i am having my first Ayahuasca Ceremony in Octobre with 2 shamans from Peru and i want to prepare myself mentally.

So, i have always been extracting spice from MHRB and had a lot of success with it. I always yielded great amounts of clear white crystals.

Some years ago, i bought some ACRB and gave it to a friend with highly advanced chemistry skills to extract it. What i received from him, looks like the "Tan Wax" mentioned in this post:

I have been storing this for the last 4-5 years in a dark, cool place and it still looks exactly the same.

Can please someone help me to identify this? Is this a lot of NN-DMT?
Can i make changa with this?

I really would like to try it, but as i am used to clear white crystals, i am a bit unsure what to expect if i make changa with it.

Any help is appreciated Smile

Thanks alot


Edit: Sorry for posting this, i just read the sticky posts in this sub-forum and realised, that it must be a mix of DMT-N-Oxide, NN-DMT and DMT and should be OK to smoke.
Contact attached the following image(s):
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#2 Posted : 9/8/2020 12:04:09 PM
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According to the nexus wiki a.confusa contains 1.43% NMT and 1.15% DMT, you said you realise it contains DMT-N-Oxide, NN-DMT, and DMT. NN-DMT and DMT are the same compound NN-DMT is the full name. DMT and DMT-N-Oxide are found in mhrb in comparable quantities and NMT is found only in traces in mhrb. Nen888 ( has tested pure NMT. Nen888 reported it is active at 1/4 to 1/3 the volume of NN-DMT, effects become noticeable after 5 minutes peaking for 35-45seconds and returning to baseline gradually over 70 minutes. NMT adds some depth to the experience and more force to the comeup, the main difference I notice is after the NN-DMT wears off there is a persistent, peaceful, euphoric, tryptamine headspace. Good changa for taking a reflective nature walk once you regain the ability to stand.
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If it's DMT it should re-x quite easily and you can remove some of that red colour which may be base soup contamination or other things pulled with stronger than usual solvent. I'd do some cleaning up just to be sure.
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i quite like the color of it, very pretty Smile
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