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#1 Posted : 8/29/2020 4:08:30 AM
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Hi everyone, I've been reading for years but never registered.

Short introduction to my experience. I smoked dmt over a decade ago with some help from this site. I broke through probably around 10 times.

Smash cut to 10 years later I'm interested to see the difference of effects on my older mind and I had a friend who had never broke through so I decided it was time to dive in again. In this reexploration I have smoked dmt around 70 times with about 50 breakthroughs. I felt like I had a good understanding of it all despite continued astonishment nearly every breakthrough. This all changed last night.

Last night I smokes twice, first was a normal breakthrough. It was great as always. The second time I wasn't breaking through, in fact it felt quite different than the usual non-breakthrough dmt experience. It felt quite similar to lsd which is not how I wouldn't normally explain any dmt experience, but it did. Anyway, I still wanted to break through one more time so I loaded some more spice. This is where things got really fucking crazy. I smoked it as normal, out of the machine, but the third hit had a much larger cloud of smoke than im used to at this point since it can get hard to light etc.

Well as I held in this last massive cloud of smoke my entire room changed instantly, with my eyes open. I felt like i was in a spaceship, for lack of better words, with blue walls and long hallways. It felt so incredibly real, I actually physically jumped out of the couch I normally would lie down on and close my eyes. I wanted to walk around this ship. It didn't take long for the dmt to come on extremely strong, stronger than I've ever experienced. I felt like i was being attacked. It was so intense and my eyes were open. It was an attack of flipping and spinning beings, the same ones I always see and hear but this time on fast forward and with the volume turned way way up. This was all with eyes open. I had an "oh shit oh no" feeling and tried to lay down and close my eyes like I usually do, but there was no differentiation between open and closed eyes visuals. A total bonbardment of all my senses. Again, I felt like i was being attacked. It was not pleasant and I did, for a moment, feel I'd had a super breakthrough that meant I was stuck. After what I'd guess was 5 minutes or so the intensity was the same but I could finally recognize some semblance of something from reality, something in my house I could recognize. At that point I knew it'd go away, i layed down and rode it out.

This, after dozens and dozens of breakthroughs, was by far a much more intense experience than I've ever had, not close. It felt like a breakthrough beyond a breakthrough. It was a new shipment of bark which happened to have an insane yield compared to previous but it also was that large cloud of smoke when I was already basically gone.

I just needed to share this with some like minded people. Also, curious if anyone who has felt comfortable smoking copious amounts of dmt ever hit a level that felt like they actually smoked way too much.

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#2 Posted : 9/9/2020 8:02:40 AM

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Also, curious if anyone who has felt comfortable smoking copious amounts of dmt ever hit a level that felt like they actually smoked way too much.

After attempting to blast through 100mgShocked three timesShocked Shocked in my GVG (Failed nearly all hits)Crying or very sad
I would HIGHLY recommend keeping the doses low, and keeping them spread out. If youre wanting a BT after another, you may want to wait around 30 mins before taking another BT dose. At least this is what I have gathered myself.
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#3 Posted : 9/10/2020 1:11:24 PM
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When I first read the title I was struck by nostalgia from when I composed a similar thread after having a 1hr breakthrough on oral harmalas and vaporized dmt. After reading your thread I realise your trip actually has more in common with my last breakthrough than the hour breakthrough. My last breakthrough was actually the 2nd time in a row I had an experience id describe nearly identically to yours, I loaded 400mg in the cvg ontop peppermint and vaporized it after ingesting 150uq lsd,200mg mdma, and 750mg aniracetam to dilate brain capillaries. Felt trapped forever 1 second after the 1st hit I lost awareness of reality for 30min and couldnt speak for almost another hour afterward. Everytime I am arrogant enough to pretend dmt is possible for my very limited mind to comprehend it annihilates me, the nature of a dmt experience is centered around shock and awe sometimes I wonder if the awe generates the beauty or vice versa. When I started trying to anticipate dmt itd be like ingesting a different psyche altogether. Making changa or enhanced herbs should reduce loss from the sandwich method because the herbs will absorb the dmt into their cell matrix offering some extra shielding from heat. Good read, have wonderful day. I'll leave links to the referenced trip's reports.;t=84730&find=unread
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The last time i had that feeling was when i had druk some tea made of rue and caapi, just boiled it for like 15 minutes and then took a litlle puff of my changa...
All i can say, i thought i had done it this time, im screwed forever lol..

Also yeah sometimes with ny changa i light it and then this one little leaf will burn different, peculiar and i know im in for a ride 😂
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That doesn't sound responsible or safe (to me). What motivates you to push to such extremes?


I know what you mean about the feeling of super-breakthrough. I accidentally smoked about 75mg (after reloading a failure to launch that didn't vaporize everything), and it truly felt like permanent and final death. That terrified the SHIT out of me and I couldn't fully let go, which resulted in an eternity of being smashed to bits. In hindsight, this might have been a unitive experience akin to a 5-MeO breakthrough if I had surrendered completely, but at the time I was not prepared for this.

Stay safe. More and more I am realizing psychedelics and enlightenment are highly connected, but the work of undoing the Ego construct is deep and personal. Much must be done outside the psychedelic experience to get the most out of the trips you do go on, otherwise they are just insane vision quests that end up being shocking but highly ambiguous. I am now convinced a much greater prize lies at the end of this difficult road.
#6 Posted : 9/15/2020 1:25:52 PM
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Vaporizing dmt while candyflipping on aniracetam was irresponsible. I completely trusted the dmt to deliver me from evil regardless of what it threw at me. After that experience I could not consider vaporizing dmt for almost a year to this day my heart beats out of my chest,my breathing gets fast/shallow,I shake, and my bowels sometimes even want to evacuate just sitting there holding the pipe trying to slow my breathing. The experience itself was highly idiosyncratic being both the most intense best and worst feeling I will probably ever experience, I crave it yet simultaneously nothing horrifies me more. Art motivated me to push such extremes originally to find inspiration for drawing. Now I see the story of my life as art, I deliberately make decisions to make the story more engaging I am living each moment with the autobiography in mind.
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