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#1 Posted : 9/13/2020 1:52:18 PM

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My wife and I settled in for an evening with 2g (each) of dried liberty caps last night and had a very positive and pleasant trip. I made a tea and the come up was quite fast but not too intense, I’m on familiar territory with mushrooms and after DMT take offs anything is more sedate in comparison.

Like I say the trip was overall a very pleasant and positive experience, there were lots of extremely intense closed eye visuals with shapes and patterns constantly morphing and folding. However at some points in the trip the imagery was objectively horrifying, I saw images of people in distress and usually chained in some way, sometimes I got the impression they did not realise they were chained and they were going through repetitive motions like a hamster on a wheel. The metaphor wasn’t lost on me in that many people’s lives are like that. But sometimes the imagery was very unpleasant, like decaying flesh and people in distress. For some reason though it didn’t freak me out, I was able to observe it objectively with acceptance and I tried to understand what was being conveyed. I had felt at one point that the human race is like a single organism and a lot of it is in pain. The illusion of separation and belief in the ego as who we are causes some of the organism to neglect other parts of itself without realising.

I also had a lot of jester joker imagery laughing at me, it wasn’t too mocking but I got the impression it was laughing at the fact I thought I could ever make any real sense of what this world is all about and what on Earth is actually going on here being in this body on this planet floating through an infinite expanse of space. I thought about how we try to give life meaning and what would the implications be if we found out some knowledge that would resulted in paradox shift. And then I realised it doesn’t matter because life is it’s own meaning.

My dawning realisation was that all of these thoughts and imagery were distractions, giving the ego mind something to chew on whilst I continued to ignore what is always there, presence, consciousness. And then the mocking jesters popped up again because even this realisation became a thought which was a further distraction from just being in the present moment.

I had some great personal insights along the way, some reassurance and enjoyed reconnecting with my wife after a recent stressful period in our lives.

I’d like to hear if anyone has any thoughts or similar experiences regarding the disturbing imagery though, it wasn’t the defining feature of my trip by any means but I’d like to try and gain some insight into it.

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Hi woody

I experienced sth. similar about a year ago. I was on a pretty heavy dose of 4 ACO DMT and
got to a point where i just wanted to lay in bed with my girlfriend.
She is not interested in psycedelics and was working on her laptop.
Usually she listens to some crime docus or sth of that nature.
My trip was very beautiful but of course in that state listening to stuff like that
is not the best idea. So at first the colour palette of the trip started to get darker
and i started to see these disgusting beings morphing into each other.
After a while i got completly taken away from the outside input.
I no longer heard the crime stuff or my girlfriend typing on her laptop.
I saw alot of suffering of all sorts. From animals in slaughter houses to people in
war regions.
Its hard for me to put things like that into words but i will never forget that trip.
And i think it is very important to sometimes really get reminded what alot of people
are going through right now.
It makes me now take some extra time if i see someone around me is doing bad or maybe skip
eating meat today or little things like that.
Make the world a better place so to speak.
And i don´t think we can ever fully understand how stuff works but we have two hands and can make
a change for the better.( I just donated a big pile of my old skate stuff to kids in need).
I think the neglecting of those other parts as you said is a protection mechanism for our minds.
Because if you would be fully concious about those things at all times it would be very hard to enjoy life and function properly.
So i don´t know if that makes sense but i think trips like that put the other end of the spectrum
in our minds to make us try extra hard to battle all the bad things in life.
We kinda found the key to really enjoy life and understand the beauty of the world.
So we have to share. And i´m not talking about drugs Smile

I really have to learn how to express myself with words but i hope you get what i´m trying to say.
Maybe next time i will post a video of me dancing my message.Big grin

Have a gud one and thank you for sharing

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