Introducing: The Spice Rotator, easy & smooth DMT-Dabbing Options
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#21 Posted : 5/18/2020 12:51:12 PM

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In the beginning I made sure that the plate on which the tea light will stand is not desintegrating - and even when the wax is fully liquified the plate does not get any hot. If so I would have just folded a piece of paper like 4x and placed it inbetween, flat and blocking all heat, but its not even needed.
And regarding the side walls: They dont get much heat, if I place a finger in the same distance like the walls are, then its just mildly warm. The walls act like a chamber of course, but they dont build up heat, as there are holes especially design to cause an air flow from bottom to top. Therefore with the chamber around the tea light it requires exactly the same distance to the banger and not a shorter distance like one would expect.
But even if one may be unsure, you could simply just remove the chamber and place the tea light on the open surface and place that folded paper below. This would be just super safe, but I'm totally confident it is also good this way. I burned quite some tea lights down to test it and indeed the lego does not get hot.
If the chamber does not hold back heat one may think whats the reason for it, but it will make the flame stop dancing around and be more focused, so the temperature will be even more stable inside of the banger. And with the holes from bottom to top there is still enough air stream to let the flame burn and let cool air in.
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#22 Posted : 7/16/2020 6:14:23 PM

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I cant stop making these toys, but now I am done at last ...

This thing can be used with the handheld glass piece - the one that needs manual heat-up. A bad thing is that you would need to use your torch every hit, as it will cool down inbetween - of course. Not directly a problem - I mean the other things with built in candles are made for this purpose, so a portable handheld thing will always remain portable = no stationary flame. But out of boredom I made this new stand and it will make the glass thing snap in easily - with the perfect angle to hold its bucket horizontally and then by modifying the amount of plate pieces you can easily control the temperature.

Now one may just place this on a desk and keep your portable glass pipe hot on this thing, like you would do with your cheese on a hot plate, when doing Fondue (does anybody know this ? OôPleased. Then just load it and take if from your stand and get a rip, then place it back. This way its always hot for usage.

Or you could just leave it there, not taking it for doing your hits - and this way it will be a stationary dab rig. I just love this final thing, because its so minimal and still functional the same way as all other things, but this time no glue / crafting is even needed ;D

I'm not quite sure about the correct distances for other substances, but it may be somehow in this area. So this thing can be used with anything that can be smoked, and use its smooth vaping mechanism.
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#23 Posted : 7/16/2020 7:47:07 PM

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You use online Lego CAD resources, but you've perhaps seen this as well:

Here's the (Linux) help page, to give a small idea of things:
Usage: leocad [options] [file]
  [options] can be:
  -l, --libpath <path>: Set the Parts Library location to path.
  -i, --image <outfile.ext>: Save a picture in the format specified by ext.
  -w, --width <width>: Set the picture width.
  -h, --height <height>: Set the picture height.
  -f, --from <time>: Set the first step to save pictures.
  -t, --to <time>: Set the last step to save pictures.
  -s, --submodel <submodel>: Set the active submodel.
  -c, --camera <camera>: Set the active camera.
  --viewpoint <front|back|left|right|top|bottom|home>: Set the viewpoint.
  --camera-angles <latitude> <longitude>: Set the camera angles in degrees around the model.
  --orthographic: Make the view orthographic.
  --highlight: Highlight pieces in the steps they appear.
  -obj, --export-wavefront <outfile.obj>: Export the model to Wavefront OBJ format.
  -3ds, --export-3ds <outfile.3ds>: Export the model to 3D Studio 3DS format.
  -dae, --export-collada <outfile.dae>: Export the model to COLLADA DAE format.
  -html, --export-html <folder>: Create an HTML page for the model.
  --html-parts-width <width>: Set the HTML part pictures width.
  --html-parts-height <height>: Set the HTML part pictures height.
  -v, --version: Output version information and exit.
  -?, --help: Display this help message and exit.

And thanks for reminding me - I can make a lab jack out of lego!
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#24 Posted : 7/19/2020 1:15:20 AM

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Really interesting low tech high efficiency vaping route!

Thumbs up
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#25 Posted : 8/18/2020 4:46:40 PM

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Great stuff 👍
#26 Posted : 8/18/2020 10:57:51 PM

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Wasser, there is a device called a dab rocket which may interest you in relation to this setup.
olympus mon wrote:
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#27 Posted : 9/1/2020 10:02:10 PM

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I googled it and it looks hyper x)

Then again it would be the same as using an E-Nail, which has a heating coil to place around the bucket. Nevertheless it is much more fancy ... but so far I cant see any temperature adjustment, just an on/off, so maybe it is just for hemp resins?

Still an E-Nail is only half the price ;0
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