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#1 Posted : 7/29/2020 1:15:26 AM
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Hi there,
I am a long time psychonaut who turned 51 this year. My first experience going to the other side was back in 1988 when I experienced acid for the first time at 18yo. I have been an avid explorer since. I had my first shroom experience around 1995 and as the acid dried up it became my favorite. I lived in FL at the time and had access to livestock pastures so they were always available, from there I learned cultivation and have used them pretty steadily over the past ~30 years. I was heavy into reading the available literature at the time, Plants of the Gods was one of my first books on the subject. I was fascinated by the section on DMT, but was never able to find a source. Early last year I stumbled onto information on extracting from root bark and got the needed supplies. Up until then my experience was LSD, Shrooms, Salvia, and MDMA. My first few attempts with a gvg were a bit frightening and were more mental and not very visual, but over time I became more comfortable with it and have had multiple breakthroughs.

My final foray will be mescaline hopefully by the end of the year/grow season.

Currently I am looking for some help on the direct e-mesh method for DMT vaping mainly on finding the correct mod settings (#3):
(AEGIS Geekvape solo mod with fitted screen vandy v1)

I find these two steps confusing:

9. Lock the resistance/ohm when the mesh is at room temperature. <--How do you do this?


11. Push the fire button. Adjust temperature up and down until the wattage stabilizes at the value found in line 5.

When I push the fire button and try to adjust the temperature it adjusts the screen brightness. Maybe not at the same time? the instructions could be a little clearer.

If I hold fire without adjusting the wattage jumps from 60 all over the place my optimal wattage from step 5 is about 17w-18w, in TCR mode with my temp set to 190 tcr 140 wattage 60
it stabilize at about 28, at 170 it stabilizes at about 23. I don't get down near 18 until my temp is set to 150c which is way lower than the 190 minimum in the guide.

My attempts so far with this device have resulted in very harsh smoke that hurts the lungs an throat and doesn't seem to work. I could really use a little help.

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#2 Posted : 8/2/2020 1:38:33 AM

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Hello there!

We've got a really great e-mesh thread where you should find what you're looking for with your Aegis/VV mesh combo.
Direct e-mesh method howto step by step with images and video

Where new members can post about e-mesh:
The direct e-mesh thread.

Great that you're an older psychonaut finding new pastures to explore. Cactus will become quite the hobby should you get into it Wink

Welcome to the Nexus!
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