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My story

It all began 2013 where I was living with my two best friends. We ware smoking a lot of weed and talking about psychadelics, because of that my taste in music changed and i matured a lot. I wasn't interested so much in acid or schrooms but much more for DMT. After that I moved to another Country and started working in a paper machines factory as a mecahtronics dude that builds,programs and test's the mashines.There I got to know a coworker that started smoking weed with me(I stopped smoking weed and Tobacco for half a year before that). We started talking about psychedelics and eventually he offered me a blotter of 1P-LSD. I researched the living shit out of tons of trip reports and read the book from Albert Hoffman "Sorgenkind".
After that I decided that I'm gonna only use drugs that cannot kill me in a high dose and drugs that don't make any physical dependency(I dropped the bar only for MDMA because it does no harm if done only once per year)

In that moment in my life where i was working from 7 to 15 5 times per week, I was drinking a lot of Alcohol...I drank a whole crate of strong beer(20 bottles of 0,5 liters with 7,7¨% to 8,4% of alcohol) per week + going out and drinking with friends in pubs. I started with 6.25microgramms or 1/16 dose of acid, then worked my way up to a whole blotter in about 3 months. The low doses didn't change my perception of me and the world around me but the whole blotter did. And boy it did... After my first whole blotter I immediately stopped drinking alcohol altogether. I couldn't stand the high from alcohol because acid showed me somehow that it simply isn't good for me.

After that I took 4 blotter's of acid...100 mikes each, 1P-LSD... it was the strongest trip with a lot of self-reflection that I had in my life. It made me ride my bicycle every day for 20km and doing Yoga as soon as I wake up. I had 130kg at that moment in my life...I am 195cm big and I'm strong but 130kg is still way way too much(I lost 50kg in the next year because of that trip). After that I took 6 blotter's of acid...This time it wasn't so much self reflecting, I was much more tripping about climate change and our destruction of our planet because we consume,produce,destroy...economy...(gonna write essays about my acid trips soon)

After that i moved to another city and started going to university. It was 2016 and I met a lot of other psychonauts on the campus. Till that moment i couldn't get any DMT... only one friend of mine got DMT,we tried it and I went into the "waiting room" but nothing more...after some time the same friend sent me a link for the Lazymen's tek but I was really far away from doing it. After that I was on the OZORA festival 2017(also 2018 and 2019), this changed me allot again but that's another story for another time.

2018 I made my DMT-nexus allot of threads, was active in the chat and... well yeah started preparing for a extraction...I needed almost two years before I pulled of a successful Tek.

I hope u got to know me a little better after reading my essay

Enjoy Time and Space

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Hey there Strelok!

I've seen you in the chat, nice to hear a bit more about you and your journey.

Welcome to the forum, postingwise at least!
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Hey dude,

So this is the much awaited for introduction essay of Strelok444?? Took ya bloody long enough.....but certainly well worth the wait my friend. =P

Look forward to reading more posts from you OR just hang out in chat with all us regulars.

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Hey Strelok.

Welcome and looking forward to reading the other stories.

Also congrats on the promo Razz
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