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#1 Posted : 7/31/2020 5:04:55 PM
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I thought I'd say hi and post some pron.

.I grew up abusing most substances, taking one to come down from another. At one point in my teens I was smoking about an ounce of weed every few days. In my late teens and early 20s I partied a lot, very much an avid psytrance head. After a number of friends passing away from drug abuse, seeing people suffer mental health issues f4om drug abuse and even having my hair fall out from amphetamine abuse I took stock. At that point I'd just met my future wife and we were doing a lot of drugs.

After a few near misses with the law and needing to stop wasting money on frivolous experiences we assessed what we enjoy and why. We both love psychedelics, though we can't take them together sadly. We both want different things from them and we tend to become very polar to each other when on them. Not fun. Id had many experiences on many acid all over the world, liquid, tabs, microdots etc. I would take huge hits. 10 dots was probably the most. None of these affected my mental state in a negative way. And I loved the visuals and often would just wander off to be with my own thoughts and visions.

By the time I started extracting dmt, I'd not done any drugs for about 10 years bar the occasional splif. Since then I've had some beautiful experiences with DMT. I've cured anxiety issues with it, I've gained insight and overall become a better human being. I've often sat there looking at a loaded pipe and just decided it wasn't the right time and dumped it. 15 years ago, this would have not happened, hyperslap or not.

I've had a few lockouts, I've had a number of breakthroughs. However I have never met any entities that communicate. I feel I may have seen the elusive machine elves though. One trip I had at about 40mg was ultra mechanical, structured and if i had to rate it, mostly unpleasant. I had the throat marbles, everything was cutting and dividing in equal measures SHARPLY and fast. Oh of the corner of my eyes I could see things moving the next piece of machinery in place to make the n3xt division occur.they wernt threatening, scary or evil, just there making the machine work. They were fast and unable to be focused on but there were hundreds. It was pretty crazy. The acceleration was really unpleasant. I had inertia the whole time.

Trips I've really enjoyed have included sacred geometry, colours swirling and mostly serpentine Alex grey style experiences.

The biggest positive I've taken from my travels has been the develo plmebt of empathy. It was pretty interesting to catch myself trying to help somone else understand a more empathetic set of reason ing to a situation. It was at that point I o new something good was coming from my travels.

Some pron as promised. 2g from 300g of ACRB. I have about another 2g of goo as i decided to split the extractions into 1/2 mini ab and half just plain pulls.

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Trippy glass for trippy people.
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Keep on traveling man and welcome to the Nexus!

I promise this place will become a rabbit hole of learning (in a good way).
Insanity is past, present, and future pain. 
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