Photos of DMT Recrystallized Options
#1 Posted : 7/26/2020 4:18:45 PM

Called to this...

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Here are photos that SWIM can't find anywhere else on the internet. Taken 2020. Most photos ReX'd with Heptane. The pointed crystals were ReX'd with Naptha.
Madam attached the following image(s):
Tue May 12 14-32-23.jpg (32kb) downloaded 152 time(s).
Fri Jul 17 12-16-54.jpg (45kb) downloaded 153 time(s).
Fri Jul 17 12-19-46.jpg (46kb) downloaded 153 time(s).
Fri Jul 17 12-18-35.jpg (47kb) downloaded 150 time(s).
Sat Jul 18 10-43-10.jpg (63kb) downloaded 151 time(s).
Fri Jul 17 12-51-03.jpg (69kb) downloaded 150 time(s).
Fri Jul 17 12-52-57.jpg (49kb) downloaded 150 time(s).
Sat Jul 18 09-50-28.jpg (88kb) downloaded 150 time(s).
Sat May 30 16-59-05.jpg (31kb) downloaded 150 time(s).
Tue May 12 16-11-00.jpg (58kb) downloaded 143 time(s).
Tue May 12 16-08-33.jpg (43kb) downloaded 143 time(s).
Fri May 22 16-30-49.jpg (45kb) downloaded 144 time(s).
Wed May 13 14-59-05.jpg (41kb) downloaded 144 time(s).

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No way ticket

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Thumbs up
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I love this! is there a section just for this here on the site? I'd love to see everybody's crystal porn!
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YTXian wrote:
I love this! is there a section just for this here on the site? I'd love to see everybody's crystal porn!

Here ya go:
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Absolutely beautiful always. <3
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I would feel bad about putting something like that in the pipe to smoalk it...
olympus mon wrote:
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Madam is a pro! Gold Medal! Love
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Thank you everyone for the positive feedback! It means a lot to me! Swim loves sharing beautiful photos!
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#10 Posted : 7/28/2020 4:10:28 PM

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Absolutely stunning crystals! Job well done. Thumbs up
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