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Hello fellow friends, travelers, space-explorers, and shamans!

Thanks to the advice of several posters, I've now got a few different blends/infusions of changa sitting in various jars that I'm very excited about sampling once they're ready. Thank you again to this incredible community for all the information, support, and help!

I wanted to ask about something that happened to me a while back, but at the time I didn't have the permissions to post on this particular board.

One day I was smoking changa with a bunch of people in a room. I was the only one smoking, and my friends were using a projector to project different trippy images on a wall. I was having a blast, and I keep toking and laughing and talking to people around me and having a great time. Everyone was very amused at what a good time I seemed to be having and was laughing along with me.

At some point, I started feeling an immense pressure on my forehead right between my someone had their thumb on the center of my forehead between my eyes (just above my eyebrows) and was pressing as hard as they could. Eventually there was a 'pop', everything went white and I felt like I was having a type of 'mind orgasm', with a huge climax type feeling of an intense building or ramping up or intensifying that felt so strong an orgasm is the only thing I can use to describe it. (I think there's actually a video of me as this was happening somewhere...apparently I screamed out 'I'M HAVING AN ORGASM!'Pleased

At the culmination of this 'building' sensation, there was a type of 'explosion' andI left my body. I experienced what the buddhists describe as 'being one with everything'. I was everything that ever had happened, was happening, will happen or could happen all at the same time. I was everything that ever was or ever would be and nothing simultaniously....mind you, I wasn't 'experiencing' or 'seeing'...I WAS everything. I was back in the cosmic amniotic fluid; it was pure bliss and love.

I was given a few messages about what this reality really is, then I was sent back to my body, where I watched the universe reconstitute itself in front of me, and was filled with an overwhelming love and appreciation for all of creation. My body felt like it had no weight to it. I hugged everyone and went outside and dropped to my knees on the lawn and cried as I thanked the universe for being what it is.

I want to be clear, this was not just a 'break through' experience. I've had a ton of break-throughs, but this was different. For all the times I've smoked changa, DMT, and done ayahuasca, I've only had about 3 experiences similar to this...and this particular one took the cake.

The thing was, I'm pretty sure this experience 'activated' by third eye. For weeks afterwards the spot on my forehead above my eyes was tingling 24/7. I found I had an enhanced ability to 'see' the cause-and-effect of actions. My imagination felt like it had taken steroids...fully fleshed out ideas and concepts would suddenly appear in my mind and leave just as quickly. My intuition was dramatically heightened...I knew what people were going to ask me before they opened their mouths. I could sense I would be contacted by a specific person 5 minutes before my phone rang.

There were downsides though. Every night for 2 weeks I felt like I was 'attacked' every night in my sleep....I'd sleep 10 hours and wake up feeling exhausted. A few times at night I'd wake up and see 'ghosts' or 'spirits' standing beside my bed, trying to burrow into my spine. When I would close my eyes to go to sleep, a rainbow tunnel would appear in my minds eye and turn into crystal clear images of people or was cool, but it made it very difficult to fall asleep. I was exhausted and slightly freaked out all the time by these new developments.

Trying to figure out what was going on lead me to yoga, which I now practice everyday. I believe I did indeed activate my anje chakra, and it's still on to this day...I'm working on opening up my other chakras to eventually induce a kundalini awakening, but that's apropos of nothing.

My question is....has this ever happened to anyone else? Has anyone else activated their third eye from changa or DMT? I'd like to know if it's possible to 'deactivate' this chakra, or if anyone else had similiarly negative first experiences after it happened.

Love and light all!
Just be.

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I do feel after the past numbers of trips and journeys my psychic feelings have gotten more sensitive, but not a full blown 3rd eye opening like you. I believe in India they call it shaktipa. It might gradually lessen over time, but the stories I heard were somewhat different than yours. So only you'll be able to know eventually. Keep us posted!

Or, I read there's also another path where you can go into certain yoga and/or Tibetan Buddhism/yoga practices that you essentially don't go into sleep even while lying on the bed every night. What I've read and heard from one person who does that, is that you will not feel exhausted or tired if you're able to practice this correctly. I tried couple times but was not able to or practiced enough to reach that point.
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