Harmine vs Harmaline vs THH Options
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I wanted to start a new thread on this because I'm having a hard time finding good answers.

From my understanding, the effects can be characterized as:

Harmine: clear and lucid, like caffeine
Harmaline: dreamy and sleepy
THH: crystalizing and glasslike

OF NOTE: Harmaline is twice as strong by dosage as Harmine, and THH doesn't actually inhibit MAO on its own, so it must be combined with one of the other two.

So, what is the best combination of these 3? Even the best ratio would be useful.

The extraction of these is too time-consuming for me so I just ordered the really pure powder you can buy online. I remember reading at some point that others had found these powders to be VERY potent, so traditional dosing is too high (e.g. 200 mg Harmine is normally OK, but with the powder is way too heavy). I learned this the hard way on my first pharma experience, so I'd love to hear other people's advice before I do that to myself again Smile

You guys are the best, thanks for your patience with those of us who are still diving in.

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Any two harmine (or harmaline etc.) molecules are equally strong, but a batch may be less pure, which makes it less strong, because a smaller fraction of it is actual harmine.

In my experience, the most obvious difference between harmine and harmaline is that the latter gives me tracers.

The main characteristics of THH is the feel-good effect. It reminds me of low dose mushrooms - feels good, but there is no psychedelia.
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EphemeralTruth wrote:
...OF NOTE: Harmaline is twice as strong by dosage as Harmine...
This is stated here and there but what is the base of this? What is the source of this knowledge? I would be very glad to get some certainty about the assertion, anyone having a source please chime in, thank you.
The only study I have is in attachment, at page 4/7 there is only a slight difference between the two, perhaps not of practical notice.

And what is 'strong'?
Is it referred as maoi strength per weight?
Or the physical incidence when ingested equal amounts?
Or the taste?

To me they feel equally strong for maoi purposes, but harmaline having a much larger half life thus longer maoi duration. So imho equally strong in maoi but not equally strong in duration.

I agree with this:
EphemeralTruth wrote:
Harmine: clear and lucid, like caffeine
Harmaline: dreamy and sleepy

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Ime, i've tried pure Harmine, and purified Harmala mix, as well as Rue seed, and 200mgs of Harmine is clearheaded and seemingly not as strong to me as Harmaline, could just be effects wise because Harmaline has some extra properties than Harmine does, idk in terms of MAOI potency, but for me when using Harmaline/Rue the MAOI properties only last the first 2 hours, after that gut MAO-A goes back to normal, i haven't tried pure Harmine yet with DMT so i can't say how long it's MAOI properties are active for, but Harmine on it's own doesn't seem as strong as Harmaline, but maybe i'm just used to the extra effects Harmaline has. I can tell though that adding some extra Harmine to the Rue seems to balance things out and can tell the difference in the rise in Harmine content, so i'm more used to the Harmaline's effects compared to the Harmine's. I've also tried THH here recently a few times, in conjunction with the Rue, haven't tried it on it's own, but tried 200mgs of THH with the Rue and 200mgs seemed a little high on the dosage end, probably would've been better off with like 150 to 180mgs or so of THH.
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Jees! Thanks for posting this study!

--> "b-Carboline alkaloids in Peganum harmala and inhibition of human monoamine oxidase (MAO)"

Smile Thumbs up
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just play around with it.
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Triglav wrote:
Jees! Thanks for posting this study! ...
Sharing is caring Love

...just play around with it...
I can't agree more, knowledge is not experience, we're blessed with times to be able to do so, it is not all that obvious all the choices we have today. For long the seekers had what grew aside them and no more.
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Jagube said in 8-21-18 in another thread:
After extensive work with Syrian rue and its mansked extracts, I've recently finally managed to reduce harmaline to THH. I've done it successfully three times now. And I must say THH is my new love.

It adds clarity and focus, but much more than that. As I've only had it a few times and don't want to get ahead of myself, let me just say for now that my experiences with harmine, THH and a little harmaline, plus MHRB tea, have been blissful and graceful.
Nice report.

350mg tetrahydroharmine + 200mg harmine + 10mg harmaline report (see post #5 hours of closed eye visions, heavy vine only, no nausea):
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