Now i get it. 4-5 gr. Options
#1 Posted : 4/20/2020 6:45:09 PM
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I haven´t been active in the nexxus for a while, not a lot to report back. But i want to share my last mushroom experienc.

Sincerely I had not dived deep into psilocybin until this sunday. It was my own way to celebrate bicycle day. I have a stash of around 20 grams of b+ cubensis That i have used to introduce friends to psychedelics, gave away some, microdose, etc. I kept a measured 5+ for a higher dose.

Right now It has been a few months after doing bufo, and i´v missed for a while that link to the earth and primal energy, this feeling of being reborn and full of power that bufo gives you, like in that meme of a guy kickig a rhino in the balls while shredding an electric guitar, just like that.

The first week of March a shaman invited me to drop some pandora truffles in a ceremony one week before his wedding, it had a lot of intention, with 9 people all with enough experience next to a campfire. we ate around 150 grams between us. Not knowing the difference in dosages i was quite fearful but continued eating first a handful then another handful. Surely 15 to 20 grams. It was a really nice ceremony, where the individual processes were given a second place, we were there with an intention. Next day i felt refreshed, tired as i went to sleep at 4 am. and couldnt sleep past 8 as i had a business meeting that morning. But underwhelmed by the effects.

I waited a month, and sunday woke up early 6 am. finely chopped my last 5 gr of my b+ stash. steeped them in lemon juice for 5 minutes, and then into a tea or another 14 minutes. less than 30 minutes after drinking the tea i was feeling the effects. I´m really glad that i did it.

I went to bed with my wife, until i couldn´t hold the laughter and had to leave her to sleep a bit more. That was probably at around 1:20 from my tea. Then the next two hours were a blur I fought my ego for a while, leaving fear and purging all emotions until i was able to find myself again with the strength that i want. Almost if i was tuning thru different versions of myself fighting to channel the one i wanted.

Mind/body yoga, purging and contorting. my neighbors prob. tought i was going crazy. my wife came out just to console me for a while and asking if i was ok. Then she went to bed again. This lasted for a while, the emotional purge was amazing. i felt the process of birth. It was on another level of any mushroom experience i have had before.

After channeling the energy i wanted i was ready to go hunt, had enough strength an elasticity as if i were on top physical shape 15 years ago, i threw some killer kicks and my wife tells me i went to the room again and 9:30 shouting i had my legs back. She calmed me down for a while i meditated a bit more until i was down at earth at 10:15. Enough of my head on this earth to have sex and melt with my wife for half an hour. felt she was 3 woman the same time, her legs her mouth and body. Now i got it, i was missing that.

After that i had booked a back massage at 11:00 to relax and was able to have breakfast with a fat cup of coffee. A++ Back to earth then and ready for anything.


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#2 Posted : 6/3/2020 7:24:24 PM

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Welcome back! Funny how the body can react to psychedelics in giving us back some of what we think we have is always nice to feel a bit younger in our meat-suits.

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