DMT Researchers Advise Maintaining 6-Foot Distance From Own Body Options
#1 Posted : 6/2/2020 10:25:22 PM

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DMT researchers advise maintaining 6 foot distance from body
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I´m trying Big grin
Psychedelic drugs don´t change you, they don´t change your character,
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Smoalk DMT and don't touch anything. Rolling eyes
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Good for me I took off with Space X in a beautiful suit, I'll never be on this filthy Earth ever again.

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Hilarious,someone there knows something I think. 🤔

I have done this once, it was very surreal........

My psyche (for lack of a better word) stood up and leaned on the counter above myself watching my body lying on the carpet as I launched. I felt my consciousness slipping between the two positions with the feet sort of connected, was dizzy and super disoriented when I came back to reality because I was sure I had got up and walked around the counter but still sure I had not moved. It was all predicated with a checkerboard bowling alley sensation through my legs at launch. I do miss my old solo launches, seems like sometimes I got farther without my girl there.
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