Mescaline-fumarate solubility in water = partially dissolve room temp, fully dissolve hot temp Options
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Search results on the solubility of mescaline-fumarate didn't return much apart from this and this Sad

-I started with 1g powdered white mesc-fumarate crystals
-I dissolved in 40ml room temp water partially (about 20% dissolved).
-I evaporated out clear larger crystals (still only about 1-2mm in diameter)

-I then dissolved powdered white mesc-fumarate crystals in 40ml hot water, under boiling (about 160f-180f / 70c-80c)
-Fully dissolved
-I evaporated out clear larger crystals that looked identical to #1 (still only about 1-2mm in diameter)

I have not bio-assayed yet, but there is a bitter taste. Unsure whether it is left-over fumaric acid from the FASA.


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Yeah, there may be some leftover fumaric acid. Have you tried washing with dry acetone? You can evap the acetone and check it out.

How did you use the FASA originally?
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To my knowledge no one has even resolved if doing a FASx on mescaline base produces mescaline fumarate, mescaline bifumarate, or some mixture thereof.
Which, aside from dose calculations, is a little academic because no one has measured the solubilities of either pure compound.

I suspect that a carefully conducted FASx will produce mostly mescaline bifumarate.
When I made true DMT fumarate by titration what I got was a maddening goo that only got thicker and thicker, it in no way resembled the product widely reported by FASA production. I found another who produced DMT fumarate by titration and their experience was the same.
It annoyed me so greatly I just dissolved it in water, drank it, and shattered the universe. Take that, goo! Shocked
I then produced DMT bifumarate by titration and I got a lovely crystalline product that was very easy to work with and not noticeably hygroscopic, I desiccated it out of habit rather than necessity. Making pills was a pleasure.

Producing mescaline bifumarate and testing its solubilities and recrystallization behavior is on my long list of things to do Wink [I anticipate that its recrystallization behavior will be second only to the sulfate]
I doubt I'll work with true mescaline fumarate, as I expect it to be a sticky mess.
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