Mexicanae Section Fruits: 3x More Potent than Cubensis? Options
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Regarding Ps. mexicana fruits(and presumably reasonably applicable to the closely related tampanensis), Bancopuma related the following from another researcher:

I have eaten a variety of different types of mushrooms, several strains of cubensis, zapos, various mexis, pans, tamps etc. The mexis featured in that photo--the chicon nindo strain, are very potent. They are upwards of three-times the potency of an average cubensis. A half gram is moderate, a gram is relatively strong. 4grams would be obscenely intense, the equivallent of 12-grams of potent cubensis. After 20 years investigating and exploring mushrooms, as well as living amongst the Mazatec, it is my personal opinion that the mexicana is the best quality of the traditional corpus of mushrooms.


Suggestions here that ALT#7 are similar.

I have recently found to my own satisfaction that this estimation of potency is accurate for Ps. tampanensis ATL#7, putting them at around 1.5% by dry weight.

Here for genetic analysis of ATL#7, placing it as a tampanensis.

Further work would be valuable, since it appears that all the analysis in the literature (Gartz and others) is reporting the potency of the sclerotia, or misreporting scletoria analysis as fruit body analysis. If anyone is aware of any firm analysis on the fruit mexicana or tampanensis I would love to hear about it.

Regarding the quality of the trip, I find it easy to see why it is that Mesoamericans largely disregard cubensis in favour of the mexicanae section and other closely related species.

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