Holotropic Breathwork -- Safe? Options
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Jonabark wrote:

I suspect there is a huge ceremonial contribution to the effectiveness of this method and there may be, as with many disciplines an extra charge and power coming from an experienced leader who has successfully negotiated the terrain. Stan Grof may be a cosmic facilitator of certain things like rebirth and clearing birth related trauma to such a degree that that is what happens in his use of the technique as it did in his use of psychedelics.

This is a beautiful possibility. Would be curious to here his opinion about that.

Have you tried it? My impression is that it depends to a large degree on the duration, the intensity of the breathing and the stuff coming up. But yeah, in order to really, fully let go and enjoy the full healing potential, one should know that someone else is there to take care of things.

I would really enjoy to give it a try. There are several therapists working with this technique arund and even Grof lives not far from were I live and I think he continues to work with his wife.

I had been in Sufi-whirling quite for a while and I think the mechanisms are very similiar, even if the technique is different. The "let go" can lead to extasy. I tried pranayama and different breathing techniques, but holotropic breathwork not yet.

You mean hurt themselves and others? Can you explain what you mean by "this technique"? Does it refer to something special or to Holotropic Breathwork in General?

Yeah, holotropic breathwork. The book by Grof gives a good resumé of his experiences.

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