anal / rectal administration revisited: DMT as well as bufotenin Options
#41 Posted : 5/8/2020 3:37:20 AM
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I've done both Harmaline HCL and FB. I lean towards HCL, it dissolves better. I hear you about some of the burning from the MAOI though, and just know that lower butthole is really sensitive, tons of nerve endings, but upper rectum not so much. So you may find a deeper injection help out? You may also get micro-tears from tightness and that'll be a burn too.

(I made a suppository once, and it just slow burned for a while, so I'm really not keen on trying a slow release method again.)

YMMV on solubility, I too can't get some to dissolve in water all the way which is no surprise though (see my copy/paste of beta-carb solubility below). It may turn out to be more of a suspension.

Let us know how it goes! I recently trip sat a buddy who did 30mg of MAOI rectally and that was enough to extend a vape-trip to about double his breakthrough time, and he was "harmalized" for an hour - a second vaping at t+60 got extended and smoothed out like the first. I'm leaning towards needing more like what Jees says, in the 75 mg range for deep harmalization.

Keep the good news coming!


Harmine : Insoluble in: Basic water, diethyl ether. Low solubility in distilled water.
Isolation:To separate from harmaline, using pKa properties, raise pH of solution containing both alkaloids to pH 8.75 to precipitate 92% of harmine and only 8% Harmaline. Filter to retrieve precipitated alkaloids, and raise the pH further to retrieve the bulk of harmaline
Harmine HCL:Soluble in water, Insoluble in salt-saturated water
Harmaline :Slightly soluble in basic water, poorly soluble in distilled water. Reasonably soluble in acetone (at 25°C, acetone can dissolve 4mg/ml mixed harmalas)
Isolation: To separate from harmine, using pKa properties, raise pH of solution containing both alkaloids to pH 8.75 to precipitate 92% of harmine and only 8% Harmaline. Filter to retrieve precipitated alkaloids, and raise the pH further to retrieve the bulk of harmaline.
Harmaline HCL : Soluble in water, Insoluble in salt-saturated water

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Jees wrote:
I use the same amount for oral as for rectal, according to the gusto, between 60 and 100 freebase weight. Since rectal is so much more benign on the body and mind you can handle same weight easily imho.

Last year I've never had to run to the toilet anymore, no hard times to keep it in at the start.

Til now I've only combined harmalas + deems in very same rectal shot, harmalas ca 150mg freebase.
All goes in 2 ml standard vinegar, all fully dissolved.
2 Shots of a 1ml syringe (needless ofcourse)
If there's a lot time available I prefer oral roa.

Thanks Jees,
Was not yet able to break through vaping, cause my throat is quite sensitive.
So my thinking with plugging the DMT was that it would be closest to vaping I can get.

I had quite a few experiences with Aya and Pharma before, and I believe there's some issue with fully letting go. So my "hope" with plugging is that a big dose would simply overwhelm the Ego and allow me to go deeper.
On the other hand, I'm also seriously considering cooking up some Aya, put a ton of intention into it, sing to it, and maybe fast 2-3days before.

Maybe its not so much about forcing the letting go, but loving what is underneath it.
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Hi SE,

Perhaps for starters an oral harmalas in advance is more ideal than what I did, you end up with less alkaloids plugged and having less forcing to keep it in, hopefully.
As I said, I never have to force keeping it in any more as of late, make sure you have sh*t yourself empty in advance, that helps a lot.

Good luck trying, you have to find your way with it, but once you get it right you'd never expect such a gradual gentle yet fast and natural transition. It lacks all of the vaped wear and tear and you still transfer.
The reason I prefer oral when there's a large time frame available is that I don't want to plug too often in respect of unknown effects on the soft tissues.

Success wished!
#44 Posted : 5/9/2020 12:16:19 PM

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I know this thread has real info and value. So I don’t want to disrespect that, but the child in me couldn’t help but post this.

I was making grain jars for mushrooms last night, shortly after I had been browsing the nexus, this thread included. I couldn’t help but giggle while I was putting the self healing injection ports into the lids. I just kept thinking of this thread and the posts about difficulty keeping it in...
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^^^ Big grin Big grin Big grin

I think it's mostly a false alarm as 2ml is nothing as a volume.
After successful 'fight to keep in' this urge also vanishes completely, more reason to believe in a false alarm. Takes like 5 mins aprox.

It's a ridiculous state if it happens to you, especially if one losses the fight and loose dose. I'd only do rectal ROA when alone, would be an awkward thing to do as a group Laughing

I don't know why I never have trouble as of late, shooting up harmalas and all, it's like the false alarm is disabled? Frequency is like once a month.
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