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Nice to see this thread has come back from the dead.

The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test by Tom Wolfe.
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Dharma Mantra Tantra

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Elpo wrote:
Just finished reading "A brief history of everything" by Ken Wilber.
I really really loved it, it gave me some really interesting insights into the nature of reality, our world and how it has evolved. Not only on the external level, but also on the internal level.

I recommend it to everyone!

I've heard about Ken Wilber for a long time, but just got around finish reading his "Grace and Grit." It is poignant, raw and beautiful. I highly recommend it.

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donfoolio wrote:

^^ one of the most beautiful aya trip reports i ever read.
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Parable of the Talents by Octavia Butler

It's the 2nd in a series but you don't really need to read the first book to understand what's happening. It was written in the late 90's but takes place in the near future (2030's or so) and is a dystopian sci-fi set in a version of the USA that's eerily similar to the conditions we're all seeing play out on the news now. For example there's something called "The Pox" which is a string of environmental and economic crises beginning in 2015, and the president is an extremist ideologue who appeals to religious fundamentalists... oh, and his campaign slogan is "Make America Great Again".

I wanted to suggest this here not just because of the obvious relevance to current events but I think a lot of you would appreciate the ways that spirituality and mysticism are explored. Without giving too much away, the main characters live in a commune in Humboldt County and they practice an earth-based religion that worships "God as change". The book isn't explicitly psychedelic, but many of the themes definitely elude to psychedelic philosophy! Here is an excerpt for context:

Olamina believes in a god that does not in the least love her. In fact, her god is a process or a combination of processes, not an entity. It is not consciously aware of her, or of anything. It is not conscious at all. "God is Change," she says and means it. Some of the faces of her god are biological evolution, chaos theory, relativity theory, the uncertainty principle, and, of course, the second law of thermodynamics. "God is Change, and, in the end, God prevails."

Yet Earthseed is not a fatalistic belief system. God can be directed, focused, speeded, slowed, shaped. All things change, but all things need not change in all ways. God is inexorable, yet malleable. Odd. Hardly religious at all. Even the Earthseed Destiny seems to have little to do with religion.

"We are Earthseed," Olamina says. "We are the children of God, as all fractions of the universe are the children of God. But more immediately we are the children of our particular Earth."

Octavia died before she could finish the 3rd book, as it was intended to be a trilogy, but her work has experienced a resurgence in popularity over the last few years. It's a really cerebral and engaging sci-fi novel I'd recommend to anyone - but especially those interested in psychedelics and the evolution of society, virtual reality, and interstellar travel!
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