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Hey folks,

I have recently decided to start taking care of myself to a greater degree again. With this, I am shaving more often ( much more often; for the last decade my shaving habit have been either a couple times a year or intermittent and sporadic and sparse at most). Recalling having received a "wet shave" from a barber, back a few years ago, I decided I want to find a better method of shaving, and tools and products to do so, than just a disposable or "cartridge" ( read: racket and confidence trick) razor. This shave I got at the barber was thoroughly relaxing and enjoyable. Now, some of this was due to the fact that I was not the one doing it, and was relaxing, reclined to about a 45 degree angle to the ground, but a part of it was definitely the method and products employed. I distinctly remember enjoying the feeling of the menthol after shave he used ( I believe it was "Pinaud"Pleased.

So, I've acquired a "Double Edged Safety Razor" from a local retailer and begun looking for options insofar as procuring a Straight Razor and related products: a "strop", a brush, and a "real" shaving cream or soap (also some "Pinauds" aftershave). Apparently SR's (straight razors) can be quite expensive; upwards of hundreds of dollars for some. The cheapest seem to not be had for less than 30-50$ USD; if you want one that is properly "honed" and ready to shave with. You also need a "strop", which is used to keep the blade sharp and proper, between honings. Right now, given my financial circumstances, I think I am just going to try using "real" shaving cream, and a brush (or the lather and application of cream), in conjunction with the SR (safety razor) that I already have. I have gotten a decent shave with this SR already, and it does seem to be healthier (apparently using a "real" razor is better for your skin and hair follicles than a regular disposable or cartridge razor; as they tend to pull the hairs out), but I haven't been able to get a very close shave with it yet. Apparently having real cream may help get the shave closer. I will also try different brands and grades of DE ( double edged) blades.

Does anyone have any opinions on shaving? Does anyone have any products, tools, or routines that they are partial to? Since this is something that is done on a regular basis, or semi-regular basis (I don't think many people don't at least touch up there hair to some degree semi-regular basis), it makes sense to do it in a way that is more ideal and enjoyable. Also, some of these razor companies are very big corporations, who we might want to consider whether or not we should feed. The cost of an SR seems a bit steep, but if it was something you could use your whole life, I think it would still end up being cheaper than disposables or cartridges. It would obviously create less waste.

Any thoughts, opinions, or general musing, are much appreciated!

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Use a trimmer , it's easier
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I'll never buy another Gillette product again after their insulting advertising campaign in recent times..

Switched to an electric trimmer. Keep a goatee at short length and trim down the side beard areas every couple of days so I don't look too derelict. So much easier to deal with. The clean shave look makes me appear way too young too!
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The point here isn't really to make things easier. It's teo do them best, in regards to what's best for your skin but also what feels best. I have a trimmer for when I cut my head; if I haven't shaved in a very long time I would use it on my face too.

xss27 I'm guessing you mean that "whats' a good man" commercial thing? I remember hearing some controversy about this but never watched it. That was pretty funny.

I've ordered a handful of different double edged razors and new soap to try in my safety razor. I'll get a straight razor once I have more money.
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I tried a beard once. I already started to hate it after a three weeks.

Especially eating and drinking....all these hairs are such a nuisance.

Whoever cultivated the idea that beards are cool, hip, or stylish, must be a manhater.
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