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Morbiddoctor wrote:
Oh very nice! I've been hearing alot on about the electric sheep changa. Sounds like a plan Smile

They've also more recently had an Electric Sheep blend with full-spec, amber-colored spice. They didn't give such ecstatic reports about it. Didn't say much at all really. Confused
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I’ve been playing with the pink and the blue lotus lately. I have a changa blend curing right now which is made up of 25% blue, 25% pink, about 20% klip dagga, 20% killer tasting sativa, and a pinch of mint to finish it off. I will say at the least, it’s the most colorful, interesting looking changa I’ve made yet. Still smells like acetone so I can’t report of that yet.

I have smoked each herb individually, and used the lotus and dagga each separately as a bed in my gvg. I will say vaping the herbs in much tastier than smoking. The lotus has a smooth, wonderful floral taste, and the dagga has a lemony kinda citrus flavor. Neither reflected that smoking them. I have gotten a buzz off a joint of the lotus and klip dagga. Kinda stony and relaxing. I will be making a tea out of some 50x lotus extract with some dagga in the next couple of nights. Interested to see what kinda feels that brings on.

EDIT: So I stand corrected. What I have is Egyptian blue lotus, which as posted on the previous page, is not a lotus, it’s a lily. And with that info that I just re-read makes sense, as the pink lotus petals are much larger than the blue petals of the lily.
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