Syrian Rue Cold Brew Options
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I got a cold-brew coffee maker last month, had the idea to try it out for a Syrian rue brew, mostly in the hope of saving filtering before manske or freebase. Pulverized a bunch of seeds in my coffee grinder, threw them in with 1 cup/250mL of apple vinegar and 5 cups/1.25L filtered water, popped it in the the fridge. Tried some out 12 hours later, half a glass mixed with a non-dairy chai beverage. Best tasting syrian rue I've ever had, that's for damn sure. The apple vinegar turned the chai drink to apple chai buttermilk, some of the bitterness still comes through, but not unpleasantly, and you get some nuttiness from the seeds as well. And quite strong with no nausea at low dose. I didnt weigh the seeds so I cant really be quantitative at all, I will next time. And no more filtering is required, it's clear. The cold-brew mesh is fine enough to catch even powdered bark. I havent freebased it yet, but I suspect this will be my best extraction both yield and purity wise. I'll post again once I do, but this is definitely the best preparation for Syrian rue I've found.
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