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Not sure if anyone is aware of it, but Willow grows from cuttings. Thought I’d report my findings.

Anyone tried other trees to see if they’ll grow from cuttings?

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Willow cuttings can provide an instant hedge, which can be woven together to produce what is known as a 'fedge' (fence + hedge).

I often propagate currants and gooseberries from cuttings, but they're not really trees - even if redcurrant bushes can get enormous. Plum responds fairly well to air layering - a technique where compost is tied onto the branch in order to stimulate it to develop roots before the cutting is taken.
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BundleflowerPower wrote:
Not sure if anyone is aware of it, but Willow grows from cuttings. Thought I’d report my findings.

Anyone tried other trees to see if they’ll grow from cuttings?

A lot of trees and bushes grow from cuttings. Some have pretty poor rates of rooting, even with the cutting taken at the correct time, with the correct amount of leaf/leaves, temperature and pretty much constant misting with rooting hormone applied. Willow takes relatively easily due to it's high concentrations of rooting hormone, which you can actually extract to use a natural source for rooting other cuttings.

This sounds like a fun fact or something. I guess I've cloned a lot of different plants for work (including a lot of trees), not sure what to say.

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Isnt this just called cloning in the botanical world? The sounds like what you do to clone a ganja plant. Take a cutting and stimulate root growth at the cut.
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