The Key V2 - DIY Water Pipe Vaporizer Options
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I finally found a hardware store that had pieces that were exactly the same as the OP used and built the pipe exactly how they did, but I'm still having problems with it burning instead of vaping. I'll try more screens on the intake I guess.

Here's the pipe:
Rifle attached the following image(s):
19154396276_0fbc27a364_o.jpg (3,673kb) downloaded 366 time(s).
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Not sure how I feel about Chinese brass.

A thought I did have though was if anyone has tried using the e-mesh strips as screens. Maybe cut a strip or two to use as your bottom screen and then stack the pipe screens on top of that and it should hold most of the liquid without letting it run down the stem. I’ve never know anyone to put a flame to one before but I have seen cotton catch on fire and the mesh strips hold up so they should be fine for this use.

Just noticed how old this thread is.Smile
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