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#21 Posted : 3/5/2020 1:04:51 PM

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Thanks for sharing an interesting trip Smile I too have learned the hard way not to mess around with "approximate dosing" Smile

I have found trips of such an overwhelming nature to be (allthough frightening) a humbling learning experience. I enjoy them all at various levels. I have even sort of microdosed it to combat restless legs while trying to sleep. Works like a charm. Most times when I have broken through, I find a great comfort in a familiar sensation of beeing welcomed home. Even if I don't remember much and I end up with more questions than answers, have I found some degree of therapeutic usefulness. Some places are the same, but one time I eyeballed it after a night in the forest, doing LSD. I had just about come down from a solid trip. ( I macrodose LSD only 2-4 times a year) And what happened was just weird. The top of my hammock (which is green) turned bright orange, like an intense sun, only it felt like a coccoon. I couldnt feel my breath. I wondered if I would die since I didnt breath anymore. Then, after a loooong while I suddenly gasped for air and inhaled. The orange dome was pulsating with soundwaves, almost like a low murmuring bassline. I was beeing watched. Observed. Excamined. Then I exhale thinking thank you! I am Alive! Every breath I took filled my lungs completely. Every exhale to the point of feeling a vaccuum in my gut. It all subdued and I started noticing the others a few meters away, the voices coming closer. Getting clearer. And when fully out of it I felt invigorated. I hadnt slept, I had barely eaten, but I felt FRESH! Then I got on my bike and raced home. Thats about what I remember.

Has anyone else been in this "orange dome cocoon" ? If so what did you get from it?
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