Having hard time pulling the dmt out of the basic soup Options
#1 Posted : 2/24/2020 10:26:03 PM
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So in my last extractio I got to e point, where after doing everything according to the Cyb ATB Hybrid salt tek, using three 1 liter bottles with bout 70 grams of MHRB bark in there and ended up pulling probably 2 grams of spice during the first 5 pulls from the three bottles, which is below the average for a 200-220 grams of bark. And I know that this bark is specifically very potent, so 2 % is the minimum I would expect from it.

After deciding to continue doing pulls, I get 200 mg consistently with each pull from the three bottles (200 mg from all of them, not by each one). And i continue doing and continue getting 200 mg every time. What could be the reason for that? I mean - if there are at least 2 grams more in that basic soup, souldn't I be getting more out of each pull and not those 200 mg. Not that I'm complaining, but it took me a lot more time and a lot more NPS to get all I can from that bark - like 2 liters of Petroleum ether and days and days on of doing one-2 pulls per day.

Any suggestions would be welcomed and if there are questions about the details on what I'm actually doing, just shoot!



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When you are pulling DMT with an NPS, you are trying to push some NPS molecules into water to bring them close to, and bond with, DMT molecules - that is similar to hunting fish by throwing wooden spears into the water. The spears will then get pushed out of the water and float, with or without the fish.

You will obviously fish less and less DMT with each subsequent pull simply because it becomes scarcer and scarcer. To pull more each time you can try a different solvent, increased temperature and/or more thorough mixing.
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