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I've been out of the game for a while but I found some old HBWR and MG seeds while moving and figured instead of throwing them away I'd give one more shot at precipitating some clean alkaloids. I had tried a few times with no luck. I had done extensive searching online and kept coming across info about how it "should" work but never could find someone saying they tried it.
I did a regular a/b, similar to Kash's tek. Final pull with DCM was fully evaped and then dissolved into the very minimum amount of warm dry acetone. Tartaric acid saturated dry acetone was added drop wise. Precipitation happens instantly, so you'll know when you added enough. The precipitation is large and stable, so pouring off the acetone isn't hard.
It's pretty straight forward. Nothing too special. If I had to guess the main reasons it worked this time were because I used a lot more seeds (guessing around 200 HBWR + 50g of MG) and most importantly because of how saturated the acetone was. I put some effort into making sure the TASA was fully saturated and the seed extraction was dissolved in the minimum acetone. I ended up using more seeds and still had a much smaller volume of liquid than previously, which I think helps the reaction happen quickly. There also wasn't a lot of product in the end (and I've always suspected a/b on these seeds was very inefficient) which adds weight to the idea that you need a fair amount for this to work.
I also tried freezing this over night to see if anything extra came out, but it didn't seem to help. All the magic happened in seconds and at room temp.
It glows bright under UV. I don't know if I'll test any but I would bet it's active.

I think this has potential and I'd like to see someone try to further it. What really interests me is the possibility of a tek that skips basing, where I suspect some of the inefficiency to be. You may have to get it somewhat cleaned up for a precipitation to work, but I think it can be done without a base stage.


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Looks really nice. Thanks for sharing your experience.

BTW: I think you are aware that what you got isn't just LSA. To get pure LSA you would need to use a column.

What really interests me is the possibility of a tek that skips basing, where I suspect some of the inefficiency to be

How high did you go in pH, and for how long? Did you check your HBWR before extraction if they aren't just too old or from an impotent variety?
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frobot wrote:
...I used a lot more seeds (guessing around 200 HBWR + 50g of MG)

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I assume it's quite a spectrum of different alkaloids (and I wouldn't want it any other way).
I've done several extractions at various ph. I've never done one or heard of one that seemed very efficient though. It seems like with avoiding heat/ light, the base stage is the main place I'd look for inefficiencies. Defatting doesn't seem to hurt anything and I don't think low ph does. Unless it has something to do with the polar solvent. Water never seemed selective enough. You can pull all day and still be getting thick brown pulls. I hear mixed information about acetone. I've also tried isopropyl and ethanol. Been too long to remember any differences.
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Ever do a bioassay on this?
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Great looking stuff frobot! Were you able to filter and get dry crystals from this?

One has been looking recently into refining a previous tek, as it had room for improvement and much has been learned since then. This is great info for end purification.Thumbs up

Seconding..was the bioassay ever done?

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