Kash's A/B vs. Pedro Extraction for Dummies Options
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If you're unfamiliar with the Pedro extraction for dummies on Erowid there is an additional step. Right before basicification, NP is mixed with the reduced, aqueous solution and separated 3 times to pull unwanted waxes, resins, lipids, and tars from the aqueous layer.

Kash's technique involves a purification step at the end to remove these items along with non mescaline alkaloids.

The question pertains to the fact that if one was looking for a full spectrum crystal product, would the dummies technique be better?

If the dummy method was used, it would be assumed that you wouldn't need to be as careful during titration as well. Cool

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If what one is looking for is full spectrum, then the best bet would be to proceed halfway through the tek making a tea and carefully reducing it down to a small amount of liquid to drink. Just be sure to not add too much lemon juice or the stomach will not be happy.
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Two issues come to mind.

Dosage is difficult due to the fact all cacti have a different concentration that can change depending on the time of year. There are several species being researched. Some are the same species but have such a different growing pattern eyebrows are raised.

Tea was used before and taste was undesirable. In addition the onset was very long as well as duration. Around three hours even though the glass was finished relatively quick with a length of fourteen hours. It was a control test to decide if that species was worth an investment. No citrus was used. Guessing a salt had to form internally before it could cross the mucus membrane? Not sure.

When reviewing Kash's tec the beauty is there. Fat solubles should remain in the NP layer during salting if titration is done correctly, so defatting is a waste of time. But there is also something to be said about the loss during purification.

When reading Practical LSD Manufacturer it was observed that a NP wash was the first step which lead to the hunch about the defatting step.

Purify with NP while the alkaloids are safe in acidic salt form in the aqueous layer. And avoid loss during crystal washing at the end. In addition to this, maybe the salt pulls would have less resins making them easy to weigh.

But in the end growing crystals is more fun then tea.Smile

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