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First of all, I just want to say hello again! It's been a few years since I've been active on the forum. I got the message and hung up for a bit.. a lot had happened in the past few years, both good and bad as it goes, and I'm feeling the call of ayahuasca this time!

I want to get deeply acquainted with the vine before I add any light and wanted to ask for advice and guidance on my journey.

First, I'm wondering what I can expect with the vine only? I've read through a few of the caapi only threads and have a rough idea, but still more questions. I would like to drink alone and am wondering if this is a good idea? Will I be physically incapacitated or as mentally/emotionally vulnerable as with aya plus DMT admixtures? Im sure it completely depends on the dose but I plan on starting with 50g and working up from there.

I've read some rue only experiences and they sound quite rough in terms of dizziness and extreme visual/auditory tracers. Can I expect the same with caapi?

Should I expect 4-8 hours of time that I will be experiencing effects? More or less?

And how long can I store a large amount of brew so I don't have to spend days on preparation every time?

Any other suggestions or advice?

<3 thank you!
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You can store the bottles for years I think. I've stored them for up to 4 months and never had problems because aya appears to have antifungal properties. Its an amazing plant spirit, combine it by fasting or eating only rice or unprocessed bread or fruit. Drink tea too, your favorite plant (e.g; Lemon Balm, Lemongrass, Mugwort, Mullein, B. Caapi) for weeks and have dreams with it (mugwort is a good spirit for lucid dreams.) Meditate and take care of the mind. Then approach the plant with an intention of union between spirits, for healing and to achieve higher levels of happiness and fulfillment in life; to discover the field of total knowledge which lies outside of space time.
"I would like to drink alone and am wondering if this is a good idea?" How afraid are we of being with our own minds in silence? Thats the only thing in life, having hapiness with the self, being sel sufficient, self reliant, self serving. If you love yourself, the transcendental experience will be an act of love, there will be success, peace, bliss♡♡♡
meditation, yoga, being in rythm with nature. The plant wants to help. Its deals in the economy of compassion. 50g Caapi everyday other day, Then when ready add P Virids, little by little; by then you will be aware of the patterns. Always slow, never injure yourself.

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I had my bottle for very long time.. beside my bed.. when I was travelling I took her with me... Proably over a year.. The brew seems to get more potent when it has fermented.. but you have to have a strong stomache and strong gag reflexes to take itSmile And if you dont just cook it up for some minutes strain it and its like new:=)
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I like to store bottles in the freezer until the ceremony.
Otherwise even fermented brew still works and in amazonia
This is quite the habit due to lack of good storage conditions.
A technique from the santo daime churches consists of making
Thicky concentrations and diluate them in water before the
Ceremonie - i guess this is how to make wine from water
In the Christian theology.

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