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Hi, im new in this Forum, sometimes i was a silent Reader for Years but now i thought i must make an Account.
I always had the Feeling this Forum is very Special.

My Interest came from my own psychedelic Experiences i made as a younger Man in the 90s.
Im 44 now.

I took a lot self collected Mushrooms / Psilocybe Semilanceata, around 25 LSD Trips and/or a lot of MDMA on oldschool Goa Trance Festivals at this Time in the Mid 90s.

Now im older and my Interest in Psychedelics awakes again, i read a lot, grow some Mushrooms and took up to 4g Cubensis B+ for now

But my deepest Interest was always Ayahuasca / DMT.
In the 90s we had no Internet ofcourse, there was no Knowledge about DMT among my Environment how you can extract it etc, no Onlineshops where you can order everything Smile
Today its different, we can get any Information you need.

So two Month ago i started my own STB TEK Mimosa Hostilis Extraction. 250g MHRB Yield was 1%

First Experiences from 20 up to 50mg were amazing even it was "Sub Breakthrough Level i guess.
I vape it with the Yocan Evolve Plus XL

So im happy to be here

Greetings from Germany

PS, sorry, my English is not the best, i hope its ok


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