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#1 Posted : 12/29/2019 12:19:47 AM
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Hi all

So I just came back from my first trip. In short, would do again, but it was pretty weird.

I used the machine on 0.05g of DMT. 3 big tokes in a row. Within 10seconds, some visuals - walls start moving. Then I lean back and close my eyes. My ears start ringing. It reminded me of the time I peaked on a heroic dose of mushrooms - first, intense visuals.

I saw a black/shadow spider like creature except with hundreds of yellowish eyes - I am arachnophobic, but this didn't elicit a fear response. I actually think i'm not particularly scared of them anymore.

Then zoom out - the universe is spinning, my consciousness is outside my body.

Then zoom in - cool visuals. Zoom in further, I see a giant heart. But it's a creature. And then it takes off its skin. Everything goes red - the colour of blood. I'm squeamish. But not this time somehow. I see it for what it is. I don't look away. 'Surrender' I keep telling myself as I remain calm.

More visuals. Euphoria.

Then I feel like i'm 'coming back' I look up and there is like a fireball that is behind ice - I move away from the fireball and back into blackness with my closed eyes.

I feel warm patting sensations on my body. I'm comforted. A little disoriented but happy.

Don't think this was a breakthrough, but pretty solid/interesting psychedelic experience so far.

Also, I think I discovered that after you get past the mothball taste of dmt, the back end of the drag actually tastes sweet.

Anyway - I feel like i'm still coming down a little haha but thought i'd post to share Smile

Happy holidays to you all.

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#2 Posted : 2/14/2020 11:03:25 AM

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Welcome to the Nexus!

Sounds like a positive experience, thanks for sharing! Smile

Considering this is in the intro essay subforum, Im wondering if you can post a bit about yourself... What psychedelics have you tried so far? How do you usually take them, in what context?

What about extractions, what have you experimented with?

Be well!
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