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#1 Posted : 12/18/2019 9:11:15 PM

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Hey everybody!

I really hope I'm not "overposting" if I were, please let me know!

So, a little experience report:

I tried to fix the e-mesh wattage issue I had, following Propello's advices (went 210°C and tcr-tc 210 as well, so the wattage stabilizes at around 13-14).

I took a massive hit (but probably not everything in one toke. I can't really tell if I took anything during the second intake cause I was way too high to notice anything), and, "unfortunately", I exhaled A LOT of vapor. I was a bit "sad" to see how much I was wasting. I think the excitement prevents me from having the deepest inhaling. Maybe with time...

Immediately, I felt "her" presence. But yes, it was the first time that I've ever felt a genre implied. I thought "she's here".
Also felt something a bit sexual, but that vanished quickly as I was sucked into the hyperspace (I guess?).
For the first time in weeks, the dominant "background color" wasn't white but black.
Sadly (well, nothing is sad, per se, but it's a bit frustrating now), I have no clear memory of what I saw.
I do remember feelings, tho:
1) I was "where I'm supposed to be". But I should say "where WE are supposed to be" cause
2) I pretty much disappeared – I mean that in a sense that I had no memory of who I am as an individual being.
3) I was shown "everything" whatever that may mean, and everything was making a lot of sense.

BUT... And this is very surprising, it felt "ordinary", like I already knew everything. I mean, all previous times, I was amazed by what I was being shown, sometimes I would burst into laughter, or have my eyes wet before such a bewildering beauty. But this time, no, it felt like it wasn't anything I didn't already know.

After, I came back, I got a strange feeling of familiarity getting back into my old self "oh, here I am". Something like that. And then I had some light OEVs, as I was feeling intensely grateful and blessed.

I understand so much better why I've read here many people writing "the spice leaves you with more questions than when you entered"!

thank you all!
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I resonate. Hatched out of consensus reality into a "behind/before human life" domain, welcomed and softly cradled by feminine being(s). All seemed primary.

Perhaps that awareness that we assumed while being "there" is our over-self - as in that was both of us, i = u, the basis before diffusing into a multiplicity of beings. Who knows... it could be way more beyond than that. A gorgeous thing to think about nevertheless.

my loopy guess is that t. mckenna is off hopping about hyperspace wielding a butterfly net analog, all the while collecting the most peculiar.
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