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Salutations PsilocybeChild,

We live in times where ideologic bias is everywhere, which allows mis-guided self-serving 3rd-party predatory organizations to prove even more traumatic than "addiction" alone: e.g. the addiction industry & friends.

For example it doesn't make the news when young persons commit suicide after an addiction treatment, just because mass media has decided it doesn't sell... Yet it's no hint showing there are no victims, on the contrary; just watch "Kids-for-Cash" to get an idea how far the "Fix-My-kid" trend has gone.

Just a decade ago in a city nearby my own canuck neighbourhood it was necessary for government health officials to close a Narconon center where treatment is based on scientology. High visibility individuals who once gravitated around such micro-economy continued to prosper nevertheless, i'm thinking of a senator operating his own "re-hab" center who received 3.5 M$ of public money from ex-minister Lucie Charlebois in a context of cannabis "légaleezation", a couple years ago... or his son now seen on a new TV series exploiting the misery of homeless people; both guys having signed that very same Narcon banner while it was still operating...

No later than last month yet another drug warrior got broadcasted nationally on our French-speaking TV network, still in a cannabis context to be exact. This time the propaganda came from a family doctor who got invited to talk about edibles, which turned into a pretext to declare « A Mari usque Ad Mare » that his son died because of some drug while in fact a previous statement conveyed by that same mass media a few years ago even explained this suicide actually occured after a painful love affair... Nonetheless a most relevant detail remained ignored twice: David had 2 mothers! So either the young man lost his natural mom, either she divorced. One other interesting factor resides in the father's own career focussing on total abstainance "treatment" although he's no psychologist nor a psychiatrist. What's more hint is when we discover lots of money got involved as David was sent to re-hab himself and then he was presumably rewarded with an extended tourist trip very far away, which only made the situation worse after he returned. Briefly put, what we were shown on TV this January seemed to support an "informed" impression that cannabis could induce suicide while further Google digging strongly suggests multiple factors were equally involved - as if the father was satisfied to instrumentalize his son's fatal demise beyond the grave simply through blaming cannabis for it. Not to mention his TV appearance directly resulted in plain advertizing in favour for the re-hab center he continues to own and represent... Never mind asking if the boy wasn't victim of a toxic environment in the 1st place! Etc. With everything publicly endorsed by popular actors, surrounded by "expert$"/"spe¢iali$ts", etc., etc. E.G. displaying a "professional" look on national TV, now imagine if the father publishes a book. Or even better yet: imagine if David could rise and come back to comment his father's attitude which in itself could as well push to commit suicide.


Oh well, no doubt "addiction" shall continue to represent bread & butter for many more predators to come. All "In The Name Of Children"!

Good day, have fun!! Pleased

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Salutations Egzoset,

Thats a very interesting point of view and I'm pretty sure I'm gonna check that movie out. But certainly you are not saying addiction is an invented disease?

Have a nice day 🙂
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Salutations FranLover,

FranLover wrote:
...certainly you are not saying addiction is an invented disease?

Well don't be so sure as i happen to be convinced that a substancial part of the consumption disorders observed today is actually rooted in socio-cultural (3rd-party) factors, depending on the substance. Lets consider how the cigarette/"joint" delivery method was globally "democratized" thanks to the 1880-1881 invention of James Albert Bonsack, for example: there's zero public health in its design as the guy strictly meant to solve some mercantile issue in times when manual rolling proved being prohibitively expensive... Additionally it was quite too convenient to use a containment tube which could be disposed of just by shaking it off once turned into a grey ashes tip, and of course none of this even began to address the real challenge which was to transfer microscopic vegetal features into our human bloodstream via inhalation. Worse, in the case of cannabis i can say there was a missed "rendez-vous" with history as it turns out the trichome gland itself is a natural form of dosing package where noble substances get filtered on a molecular basis (and for an unbeatable cost!), so why contaminate it in the 1st place if not because of greed? Moreover, the "joint" associated ritual already promotes dosing abuse unless it's shared between many individuals; in other words a socio-cultural setup causes multiple vilifications of nature's gift and that's when so-called "addiction" kicks back, e.g. until a fair lesson is learned, eventually - but don't count on typical "re-hab" to help with it as their only choice boils down to total abstainance. Which is short of denial.

Alcohol differs greatly as it can't simply be harvested while that's actually a poison anyway. Like so many other persons here i've witnessed 1st-hand the fate of a victim who died without ever regaining control after the substance + society generously contributed to that individual's slavery, with non-trivial physical consequences as one's own prison's walls. IMO this calls for careful nuances in days when a self-serving mass media is satisfied to support its friends, starting with "sin" industries.

Apparently David's father was highly respected by other professional peers involved in that same commerce (and beyond); his story (or more precisely the remaining traces of it) don't allow us to finger-point the exact substance which got him in trouble but i can try to imagine how the young "re-hab" client felt with dad as part of such an institution and that's what makes me suspect cannabis was hardly even accessorial to his suicide. His sense of betrayal by a controlling father must have been overwhelming after they attempted to deconstruct/reshape his fragile individuality. Probably in absence of his natural mother...


Brute force is no education and yet no lesser real even if only mental. In my personal opinion the consumption of substances shares a common aspect with the acquisition of human skills, like expressive arts as music. In the later case training is required to develop perceptual "filters" that eventually give access to deeper appreciation, while in the public eye it's practically a shameful crime to explore intoxication. I'm most concerned that decades of relentless vilification performed in a predatory context continues to deprive youth people from their most fundamental right to trial & error, especially in absence of properly informed guidance - not to mention a lack of healthwise metered dosing tools while generations pass one after the next.

Another analogy i'd be tempted to make is how humans learn to ride a bicycle. Etc., etc.

Briefly put there's a pink elephant floating below the roof... Perhaps our civilization IS manufacturing its fair share of "addiction" after all. M'well, at least in some mild cases which don't call for the sort of traumatic agravation perpetrated by mis-guided "adults" taking over our public institutions, In The Name Of Children.

Good day, have fun!! Cool
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