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#1 Posted : 12/27/2019 2:46:48 PM

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It's been a while since I could not contact my guiding spirit, I've been wondering why.

A friend had presented me with his vision, which was probably correct. However, for everything it seems there is a certain temporality, since it was evidently a temporary 'disappearance'... ... it took an 'upgrade'.

So yesterday I decided to try to combine two extracts: the one of Holcus Lanatus (performing a faster extraction, but similar to the one described in the forum) and that of Phalaris Aquatica (performing what I called 'dry extraction'Pleased. ) .

To make no mistake I used tobacco with 3-5 mg of mix. No inhibitors, except that small amount in tobacco.

I smoked before going to sleep, waiting 30 min before bedtime (just to see if there was any unexpected effect).
Actually I began to hear a melody very similar to 'Even Flow' by Pearl Jam... .... I attributed this to a reactivation of memory data, even if the melody looped doing only 'be inside' (which I don't even seem to say in the song). During 'listening' I felt a feeling of completeness, of well-being.

The taste was definitely good, the tobacco had an amminical note and a latently sweet.

One to two hours after I fell asleep I 'woke up in my sleep', almost like in 'classic lucid dreams'. But this time something had changed: I was conscious and felt I was in bed, I felt everything and together I was projected into a universe that I could define as immaterial in the material, meridian 0, coordinate 0.

I explain better: intangible in the material: I walked the streets around the house during the day and there was no one. It was like living in a real situation, but with the skills given in the immaterial.
Meridian 0 I would define the universe where there are no living, a subspecies of meeting place not yet explored and parallel to reality, but immaterial. Everything was as it appears in reality.
Coordinated 0, because as a meeting place it was devoid of living and disembodied human entities. (I assume that you could assign coordinate 1 to where humans with characteristic dates are present, and then move on to other coordinates, levels? (???, I would ask for advice from others, if anything there would be an intention to explore Very happy Very happy Very happy Very happy Very happy Very happy

I fully realized that this was what I tried to describe in words (which are flat in comparison with what I tried). So I tried to do something that I dreamed time ago when was a child and then I tried thanks to disembodied human entities: flying.
I was shown already more than once how to do it and so I tried. I bowed my head slightly forward and let myself to be 'transposing', probably by the aerial entities (perhaps it is a compromise between immobile entities).

Great, it's like I've really flown. The feeling differs sharply from the lucid dream, where everything seems real, only that the whole was accompanied by sensations, through the senses felt as in this instant that I am awake.

What to say, solstice or not, is a period that gives emotions and/or ideas.

This is just the highlight of a night spent in the name of learning.
The various dreams passed from situations of higher or lower lucidity.

For example, I had forgotten a trait that I remembered this morning, because actually what I did (the various details of the morning) is what appeared to me, that I lived in the night visions enriched with interactive information.

The guiding spirit was radiant, it rejoiced, and I felt that joy. That's it!

Other dreams/visions/interactive situations that are less clear will be remembered, or will remain in the warehouse of the mind.

At one point I felt the desire to get up, to make the part of my being appear that expresses itself in materiality, but for a moment I was almost paralyzed. I had to move my toes to regain mobility. Once my eyes were opened I looked at the clock: it was 3:24 (often number sequences happen, although often they are not in order - e.g.: 12:34, 02:31, 04:08 and so on).

I'll have to write that in the morning, the bath after use had the smell of stable of horses Shocked , the amines have made theirs, the enzymes also.

However tangled this language may seem, I will point out that it is based on what has been called The HANDBOOK - another way to understand DMT Entities (in this forum) and that it is supplemented with terms that aim to define as precisely as possible how the not far away immaterial situation can look like, so the closest to the materiality in which we live every day.

Trippy glass for trippy people.
#2 Posted : 12/28/2019 7:53:10 PM

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Day 2:

I would have written this morning, but in this case I couldn't tell how much now.

Last night I used a slightly lower amount. The lucidity during sleep was slightly lower. Premonitory dreams have manifested and as you might infer, I found myself in a different meridian that I will define as 1, since I have met disembodied humans. They are of my family, so I won't go into details. I received information about their style of 'living' in the immateriality and I was able to see their state of mind, which gave me serenity.

The various subsequent premonitory dreams, however, led me to a lucidity in which I felt the influence of evil entities that made me wake up.
For a moment I did not distinguish the interactive information from reality, since part of the events took place right in the bed.
I describe what had happened: an entity that I could not identify because it came covered by the sheets attacked my hand (the hand that recently hurts me a little) making me feel a strong pain. He made strange noises as if he were sucking-sipping something (my hand? the sap? ??)
I would have crushed her, but I couldn't do the force. Like I don't have it.
Fear made me wake up suddenly.

It was 3:54. What a strange coincidence! ... numbers of the rest.
There are those who could attribute this to the elaborate machinism of the brain, but I wonder why such answers would only come as answers of convenience. Being the brain capable of programming everything so artificially I wonder why when one dreams of lottery numbers he is told that it is only the result of imagination.

Evidently there are flaws in protocol explanations.

Back to sleep, the tail blow of visions was felt.

I didn't notice anything special in the morning, but when I turned on the radio, in that instant what song do I hear?
Even flow, the one described in the previous post.

Another strange coincidence.

The lunch break was turned into a walk in the forest, where I found mushrooms (for eating)... ... hours later, I see well fixed 'photos' of the mushrooms I have collected.
Will it be a sign of more intense remembrance?
#3 Posted : 12/29/2019 10:07:15 PM

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Day 3:

Yesterday's mushroom eating made me sleep deeply.

Dreams and perceptions were far away. However, in the morning I woke up feeling intensely the suffering of the animals. I was going to crying, I've held myself from it.

This afternoon, to not meet hostile entities I tasted 0.5 g of Amanita Pantherina.
That amount was enough to have visions, similar to the imagination, where a large pre-isoric fish with teeth like a saw went under the sheets and untangled that evil entity that scared me the previous night.

It may be strange, but my hand doesn't hurt anymore.
#4 Posted : 12/31/2019 4:54:42 AM
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Hey-- you asked for advice for what to do in a lucid dream?
The most amazing thing I've ever done in a lucid dream was to meditate on dependent origination (how everything is happening automatically & disjointly due to conditions). Way better than ayahuasca!
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moyshekapoyre wrote:
was to meditate on dependent origination

So you were lucid/conscious during your sleep and you could do what you wanted?
Where were you?
#6 Posted : 1/22/2020 8:08:57 AM

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I have been resuming with daily use for about two weeks.
The synergy between the two plants would seem to be spot on, as sleep and wakefulness are stable.

The effects took a while to become apparent, perhaps because the interruption was characterized by incense of excellent quality Cool

Nights are characterized by dream sequences that become more realistic and rich in information such as answers to questions that I have been asking for a long time, possible future (subjective) events. These are presented to me as scenes that I live in first person (although not tangible in terms of lucid dreams; the feeling I have during the 'living' these scenes is to be guided) and the scenario includes dialogue and interaction with people who are no more there in the materiality ( known) and unknown.

As expected by day there are some brief visions, which can fool the eye for a moment. So a browned maple leaf for a moment looked like a fox, some gesture of others left a trail and I began to smell the smell that characterizes people (I don't talk about deodorants). Some people stink, this is one of the flaws or peculiarities of awakening the sense of smell... ... useful on some occasions, unpalatable in other.
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