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#1 Posted : 1/21/2020 1:40:52 PM

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Hi All

So I have gathered some plant material from phyllodes that my Acuminata has been shedding as it grows.

I usually wait for them to turn to a somewhat yellow colour as I noticed these leaves drop off in a few days afterwards and they came off easily when picked.
I have gathered these phyllodes and dried them out and am now at a point where I have decided to do some extracts.

My first extraction, I have followed Q21Q21's lime tek with a simple sodium carb paste freebase conversion at the end.

With this first extraction I have started quite small, with 25g of powdered phyllodes.
Once I completed the tek and evaporated the vinegar, the dish had a strong orange tinge to it. Once scraped up, this resulted in a small mass of dark red goo.

This I mixed with sodium carb and water, dried out and pulled with IPA as per conversion tek. The IPA had a distinct orange colour to it, and once evaporated, again resulted in the dark red goo. So far I have only converted my 1st pull, and my 2nd pull is still sitting in the salt form, both pretty much being a dark red goo, and with weights of 96mg for the freebased material and 134mg for the probable acetate. See picture attached of freebase goo, the acetate looks exactly the same.

Now I am thinking that this dark red goo probably contains a whole bunch of plant oils as well, as the yield seems quite high for the small amount of plant material and the dark colour is probably something other than dmt.,So just wondering if it would be fine to check if the material is active, as I guess the only way of knowing is trying it out.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Allisall attached the following image(s):
IMG_20200117_153220(1).jpg (910kb) downloaded 31 time(s).

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Sounds promising, and should be safe to bioassay as long as your solvents were clean. Start with a low dose. You could also test the product in other ways like tlc, if you have the right equipment.

Id be very interested to hear if this extract is active, as Ive got some of these plants growing too and have a big jar of fallen phyllodes, collected over the last 2 years. Was considering doing a brew and taking orally with syrian rue. An extract such as yours would of course give a better idea of percentage of actives.

You might want to search this forum for the thread about a free lab testing service for members' homegrown plants. Id post a link if I was more computer literate..
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