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An orchestrated pairing up
Of friends of friends
One bearing up, the other sober for a change
Laying low and acting strange
She wiggles by to catch an eye
He gets her name wrong, says goodbye
And soon love will thrive

There follows all the ups and downs
Their laughters, tears, and smiles, and frowns
Of love and its attendant woes
Just as every romance goes
Perhaps we bore a little more
Mortality jumps to the fore
But we all survive

Somewhere unseen and deep inside
The lucky sperm and egg collide
The zygote's little cells divide
The morula goes for a ride
This tiny tryst makes blastocyst
And soon the mind and heart exist
And then you arrive

Without us, the world will still turn
And the sun still will burn
The faithful moon will wax and wane
And still it will rain
But who needs a world to impress
When there's love to confess?
And so begins our dynasty
A new family tree

And plenty of people will try and tell you where we came from. But we can only ever know what we can see. So tonight, look up to the sky. There's at least a hundred billion galaxies with a hundred billion stars and every single one could be a sun just like ours. You see, we're all just links in a chain and all life is finite. So use your time wisely, look after your teeth, and try not to hurt anyone. And remember: We invented love. And that's the greatest story ever told

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Some viking/nordic traditional music for the society:

Cactus Man
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Cactus Man attached the following image(s):
Screen Shot 2020-01-05 at 4.30.27 PM.png (221kb) downloaded 124 time(s).
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analytical chemist

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I got a formal invitation by both dj's/curators to submit a mix to be featured in this series.
They were impressed by my Vaped Up and Tripped Out mix.

EventHorizon (#7) is one of my favs, real grimey.
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If this was posted already, i apologize - didn't feel like reading 80 pages to prevent that situation Pleased
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Cactus Man
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Long live the world in peace, prosperity, and freedom from suffering

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Cura cura cuerpecito/Cura cura almacita/Ayahuasca medicina/eres muy sagrada/ tienes el poder de sanar nuestra gente/Chacrunita medicina...wachumita medicina...Nakaykuna medicina...
I used to think of you. I'd think "She exists. She's out there somewhere." And that would give me strenght.
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I wish I could post this whole album Love
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Hi peoples of the world! This fool seeks to promote his new DJ set. Back in the day he liked the oldskool goa works of Astral Projection so much, that now he created a set containing as much work of them as possible.

So here I link to you the


of music by Astral Projection

Playlist & mix by Torsten Eboga

Part I

1 Y-Salem
2 Celestial Groove
3 Innovation
4 Enlightened Evolution
5 Ionised
6 Flying Into A Star
7 Visions of Nasca
8 People Can Fly
9 Anything Is Possible
10 Searching For UFOs
11 Soundform
12 Kabalah

13 Dancing Galaxy / Ambient Galaxy
14 Aurora Borealis
15 Liquid Sun
16 Another World
17 Maian Dream
18 The Sleeper Must Awaken
19 Mahadeva '99

Part III

20 Still On Mars
21 Still Dreaming (Anything Can Happen)
22 Electronic

Part II

23 12.000 Suns
24 The Nexus
25 Life On Mars
26 Black & White
27 Let There Be Light
28 Tryptomine Dream
29 Electric Blue
30 Aqua Line Spirit
31 Free Tibet
32 Power Gen

33 Mahadeva

Thanks and enjoy!
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Nice mix neurohack! Astral Projection was the first goa trance I heard back in the late 90's. They definitely helped spark my interest in psychedelics from a young age. Brings back some good memories hearing the classics.
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It's a new form of worship, Mom. You wouldn't understand.
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