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#1 Posted : 1/17/2020 8:24:30 PM
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Hello, guys, I had 9 ayahuasca cerimonies so far and now I am preparing to have my own brew. I have some questions tho. Most of them come from the fact that there are loads of different opinions and methods

1- Regarding to the time necessary to brewing Psicotria Viridis: I've seen the standart recipe (brew/filter 3 times, 3 hours each), but some people also say you can brew for only 45 minutes (Black Jaguar Recipe). Other people say that you can brew and filter 2 times, 1 hour each. What do you guys think, is it enough to brew the leaf for this short time?
1.2- Do the same time applies to Chaliponga?

2- Regarding to dosage: Some people say that 35g of P. viridis is enough, other people say to start at 50g, some people go even to 100g. I guess this depends on how strong the leaf is, right? But in general, how much do you guys take?

3- Do the brew has the same effect if I use Caapi extract? Is the extract as strong as the Vine itself?
3.1- People also differ on the dosage: Some take 50g, some people go even to 200g of caapi. What do you guys think is the ideal dosage and how much mg of alkaloids would be on it (People say 200mg to 300mg)

I'd be gratefull for some answers.

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1. I brew for minimun 12 hours if inside.. If outside 2 days..
2. It depends to much from person to person.. Start with 50g to 100g Caapi. Split it in two and drink them with some hour between or something.. feel it out... If you next time want stronger do 100g, 100g.
3. Extract I never use..
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