Don't trust the entities. They are not here to be kind to you. Options
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I feel these entities have an extremely limited power.

feeling the same way on that. but being scared shitless by the cookie monster still leaves one shitless Pleased this might explain the different view of different people to them.

It is so easy to get caught up in the drama these entities like to present.

a refreshing new view that also fits ngc_2264' report well. he bought extremely deep into the deceptions but, although they are just deceptions, paid a real and huge price for it.

It is my fault if I get caught up in the sideshows, emotions and loops. I take responsibility for how my experience unfolds. If I receive a hyperslap, I feel it is my fault in every sense. I choose to partake in DMT and I choose how I integrate. These entities lose there power rather quickly if you have a strong mindset about things.

cause and effect. if one stubs his toe it hurts Pleased

to me your approach is far from cocky. you play with fire but you are aware of it. and you take full responsibility for your actions. this is not cockiness but an endeavour into unknown grounds. this is something special and please man, be careful. we can not afford to lose our adventurers.

do you know what is funny: during the whole discussion there were so many emotions present, that we wasted so much energy onto finding out who is right. everyone has their own approach and i respect yours.

good luck!

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332211 wrote:
do you know what is funny: during the whole discussion there were so many emotions present, that we wasted so much energy onto finding out who is right.

I was never trying to be right. Initially I was being a douche. My bad. Each to their own. I lose sight of the bigger picture at times. Old habits die hard I suppose.
"In the universe there is an immeasurable, indescribable force which shamans call intent, and absolutely everything that exists in the entire cosmos is attached to intent by a connecting link." ~Carlos Castaneda
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t. I changed the experience by not buying into the fear it was attempting to arouse. I brought in humor and laughter and this entity did not mind one bit. It joined in on the joke with me! It did not seem disappointed at all that I was not playing the fear game with it. It felt like a this entity changed because of me. Perhaps it was having a bad day and I provided some levity? I dunno..

One of my tricks, too. Not all of them will fall for it... but 9/10 times, it does work. I usually like to put on a silly t-shirt, or something funny that I can use to divert attention away from the mental. Laughter can be contagious. Laughing at ourselves is a great way to realize how serious we believe things are supposed to be. If you aren't smiling, are you scowling?

I've tried to demand that an entity (the first oppressive one I encountered) change its demeanor. Didn't go so swell. That's when I figured out a few things:

1) They like jokes, even bad ones. Doesn't matter. You could literally tell the worse joke, and it will still make 'em chuckle.

2) They like admiration. Not to be confused with worship. I mean - "hey, you're really interesting! Thanks for sharing your time with me."

3) Sometimes, they are very lonely and just want a friend. "Hey, is everything ok with you? Is there anything I can do to help you?"

4) After countless people (or singular person that is a frequent traveler) coming and pleading for answers and begging for forgiveness (or whatever it is that people think DMT can offer), the entities get tired of finding different ways of repeating themselves. Especially when they see a repeat user, asking the same thing... over and over and over. Yeah, eventually they get irritable and display something to scare people off. Especially the stubborn ones who refuse to adapt as time changes, and continue to cling to their views; while claiming open-mindedness or absolutism. (If this sounds like I'm criticizing anyone, I'm not. I'm referring to my own personal experiences. If what I said makes you irritable... maybe read this passage once more? Then read it again. Then again, then again, then again.... see my point yet? If not, that's for you to figure out on your own. It took a while for me to figure it out on my own.)

This guy: ngc_2264. Lol. I was surprised that so many people believed him. Lol!!! I played along, in his thread, to see what he'd say... but, meh. In my opinion, I think he qualifies for group number 4.

And, lastly... there is a perfectly fine way to remove them from your life... don't smoke DMT or other psychedelics looking for some confirmation that you are "special" or a "chosen one." We are in the physical. This is your home. Enjoy life. Live, love, smile, laugh, cry, yell, get hurt, become healed, complain, praise, worship, deny, dance, fight, make love, make war, break love, end wars - we are human! If we were meant to spend much time chillin' with entities in another realm, I assume we would have started there.

Let me ask: how do you treat a visitor to your home? Do you welcome them in? Do you apply conditions upon their arrival? Do you tell them that they have to do something a certain way when they are in your home - even if it goes against their beliefs? As a visitor, how do you treat your hosts? Do you demand that they make adjustments of their life to suit your beliefs? Do you walk in and start telling them they are wrongful and yada yada yada? If so, my guess is you won't be welcomed back.

I'd tell a long-winded story about "Drunk Mark." But, you can get the picture: he'd show up uninvited. Ring the door bell multiple times - until I'd finally answer the door. He'd waltz right in without being asked - go straight to my refrigerator and see if I had alcohol; demand I smoke weed with him, or give him some; if denied try to fight. Tell me he loves me, then ten seconds later trying to fight me. He'd grab things (knick-knacks, or whatever) off my shelf, toss 'em around and then break them or place them somewhere which was completely out of place. He'd complain about his life and fail to recognize that his condition was his own creation... do I need to carry on?

He was a total pain in the ass. I tried... I really did. I tried to be cool and patient with him... but eventually it got so irritating that extreme measures were taken to enforce the idea that he was no longer welcome. He got the message... did anything that I did change who he was? No. Not one bit. My kindness was ignored and I was made to feel uncomfortable in my own residence. Eventually, I moved away and Drunk Mark went on with his life. I saw him a couple years ago... wife left him. They took his kids away. He'd lost all his front teeth... and you know where he was when I saw him? Walking out of a liquor store...

Take care,
Have a great day!
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DmnStr8 wrote:
To be honest, I do not feel like I am explaining my approach very well. I hope I don't sound cocky. I know it this all could easily be misconstrued as cockiness. I just don't give a crap about a hyperslap anymore. Bring it on! I don't care. There is nothing in that realm that can come back with me unless I allow it. I can choose to be cocky when it is suitable to be so. Anyhow.. just in a mood today. Perhaps a good day for me to vape some DMT? lol

If you have inner confidence and trust your own intuition, if it's an approach that works for you then that's all good. Better to have a degree of cockiness than one of nervous self-doubt.
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Icyseeker wrote:
I feel that if Jesus wanted power he would not have chosen to die on the cross.

I'm not sure why you believe "Jesus wanted power"..... as someone who has studied the Bible that is a concept foreign to me. He also did not "chose" to die on a cross. He accepted it, and I believe there is a huge difference between the two. Peace!!
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greyexplorer wrote:
Icyseeker wrote:
I feel that if Jesus wanted power he would not have chosen to die on the cross.

I'm not sure why you believe "Jesus wanted power"..... as someone who has studied the Bible that is a concept foreign to me. He also did not "chose" to die on a cross. He accepted it, and I believe there is a huge difference between the two. Peace!!

I do not think that Icyseeker is saying that Jesus wanted power but just the opposite. And what is written in the bible is open to interpretation, which is one of the reasons that religious discussions tend to descend into arguments.
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What is next?

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I am super late to the game on this post but I am intrigued and sympathize with OP and the problem of trusting entities in hyperspace. I offer an interpretation to consider. One point I considered is that OP expressed a lack of faith and mindfulness during the trip. I don't think you should trust those specific entities but you can still trust yourself, trust God, and trust the trip to change or open up into something other than what it initially appears to be. If we are offended by an entity or afraid of an entity and let that fear become more than just a thought, it threatens to take over the entire trip. So much of what we experience during our trips is our own creation, so we have to take responsibility for what we experience and how we handle things.

Our initial impressions are seeds that can grow and multiply. OP made the entire trip about these offensive entities, became caught in their game and despite claiming to have higher intentions based on his/her Muslim faith, did not see past the trap. Essentially, he was tempted to fear and judgment and fell for this temptation. Those two entities aren't God and you should know that and look beyond them and continue your search. You shouldn't judge DMT as a whole based on those malicious entities. Many of us see them as the gatekeepers that test our faith and the strength of our intentions and will.

Mindfulness is important because it prevents us from letting our reactions, fears, and judgments get out of control. When this happens, slightly bad trips become worse. Our subconscious projections create so much in the trip, so it is important to be mindful of what is happening and how we are reacting. If you are initially offended and afraid, you have to be mindful of this so that the entire trip doesn't feed off of what you believe to be worthy of fear. If you, in that moment believe that all DMT is bad and sinister, you will create a very bad experience for yourself.

My personal approach to fearful situations or threatening entities is faith and mindfulness. I have faith in the object of my search. I aim to search beyond, above or through the apparently evil entities for what is good and true. I do not grant the jesters and sinister entities domain over my mind and what it manifests during the trip. This is easier said than done, but I think speaks to how it is possible to navigate hyperspace and genuinely seek goodness and love, instead of simply expecting goodness and love to be handed to us on a silver platter by every entity we meet. Getting comfortable navigating hyperspace takes practice, courage, and mindfulness.

If DMT isn't for you, that is fine, but I think the ideas OP are spreading, specifically that DMT is this realm of all Jinn trying to deceive and distract from God, is wrong and short sighted, and belittles the challenges we all face on our spiritual journeys. In real life you will likely meet plenty of sinister and evil characters who do not have your best interests at heart. Why treat DMT entities any different? DMT isn't a magical land of pure love and truth, but I do believe love and truth can be found there, just as they can be found in reality.
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I'm with very Christian background so I can relate to your problem but I think you should be more open minded too. I think if the experience is not pleasant at all and your consciousness is defending itself it uses cultural and other constructs which were learned throughout your life. And I can give u example why is that. I've saw something like generic Satan face during strong closed eye visuals episode but the other time I've saw weird worms morphing in and out of organic pyramid of form constant, they've felt really alien and the whole trip was focused on this feeling of contacting alien life form. The other time for example I've spent whole day searching for liberty caps in the field and met wasps and spiders there, all yellow and trippy, at night I was tripping balls and negative beings took form of yellow venomous spiders and wasps! We don't really know what these beings are, maybe they exist separated from our own consciousness but in space created by our own brain, maybe they are in other dimension we're getting into ( theory that they are totally separate ), however my best theory so far was that it's our own looped consciousness meeting itself and being surprised. That's pretty insane but fun theory of trip contacts with beings. If you have a bad trip or bad feelings in a trip it will most likely take form of something you associate negative feelings with.
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I have come to intuit that the entities are projections of ourselves and often the negativity is something inside. A personal struggle that we are grappling with that the ego has strong ties to. Think of the multitude of cells that make our bodies, all the individual tasks they take up to make a whole being. Consciousness is the same. Learn to observe rather than letting their presence overtake you. Somewhere you may be having an inner struggle with faith. Look deeper. The negative entity may be an aspect of self.
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HealTheWorld wrote:
If DMT isn't for you, that is fine, but I think the ideas OP are spreading, specifically that DMT is this realm of all Jinn trying to deceive and distract from God, is wrong and short sighted.

Its just a reflection of OP's mind obviously. Its a product of thought constructs and therefor limited, not pertaining to the whole. But the magic of this experience is what happens when one goes into it with deep silence in the mind, with a fresh mind. DMT is not about entities and sharp imagery. Thats just something that happens sometimes and that happens for a reason. But the magic of it is the feeling of cosmic love and of unity with all of creation, as well as the teaching that the greatest medicine is the emptiness of everything. The most important thing about DMT is that which can never be explained in language, that which is unfathomable and inefible. Its about consciousness returning home. Its about total trancendence, about totally breaking through and experiencing the field of total knowledge, the source of creation, Anatman, The Light of God, Awareness in All Places, Light of Inexhaustible Virtue of Universal Purity, Realm of Enlightenment of Radiance of Universal Knowledge...whatever we call it. Its something that has to be experienced for one to believe its even possible. Its totally counter intuite, you would never expect that existence is that magical. The essence of the doings of the world are truly unfathomable.
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May this world be established with a sense of well-being and happiness. May all beings in all worlds be blessed with peace, contentment, and freedom.
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The previous post has been put quite eloquently. I can appreciate that. I do however wish to make a small addendum to what has been said if you will. The experience is not only about the bliss that lies dormant in a hard to reach if not inaccessible part of the Universe. DMT is only a means to the experience of Liberation, or to the realisation of the stark underlying truth that all of life is doomed to repeat within cyclic existence and be held responsible in Samsara. The key to things, as I have understood, is not only in recognising the progress no matter how small one makes in every journey, but also in knowing that the path is an unending one. There can be no such thing as an end here. There can be moratoriums at best, but I am digressing, because the experience is as loving as it is wrathful. The nature of DMT as such is quite like that of a parent. But this should be irrelevant to all eyes reading this because although the substance is what it is, the journey it takes one on is needless to say, always deeply personal.
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Wow! What a thread!

Thank you aaalyafei!

I feel like this one conversation has brought a lot of things full circle for me. I have also read through the Nick Sand articles that OneIsEgo linked multiple times. They have been extremely enlightening (I am trying to locate a suitable handkerchief to put a candle on as he describes!).

I have poked my head in this forum for several years but I was never really at a place that I was able to be able to move past the most superficial of levels. I have had a couple of breakthroughs but they ended up being blackouts and overall not very pleasant experiences. Reading through these comments made me realize that I have never been able to overcome the fear to take on the experience that aaalyafei initally described with the proper mindset it deserves.

Since my last experimentation in earnest I have made several lifestyle changes. Among them putting down a 20 plus year daily nicotine, daily MJ habit, and a near daily alcohol habit. I felt what I would call a spiritual connection from fairly early in life although I don't think that is very uncommon. What I do think is uncommon is my hard-headiness with respect to the aforementioned substances. I feel that my spiritual numbness has been lifted considerably and the moment has brought me to be writing these words so I guess we will see how it turns out.

I would describe my own position as a hopeful agnostic and I am grateful that a place like this forum exists and I am grateful for all of you that take the time to give of yourself to make sure that it continues to be a beacon for those who wish to seek.

Peace and gratitude Smile

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looking_inward wrote:

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OneIsEros wrote:
looking_inward wrote:


Stop My bad. Embarrased
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