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The answer is - I don't know. What I believe though is different topic. I believe "tryptamine dimension" isn't inherently God's kingdom or anything like that. It can't be by definition derived from my view on God - his kingdom is peace, love and joy only and not chaos and wickedness. Tryptamine dimension is something hard to define, just like consciousness, it's new layer of conscious dimension. you dive deep into your own consciousness on completely new, completely different level, however - when you get there, a lot of it depends on your mind and you're basically at grace of your neurochemistry, mindset ( maybe neurochemistry too? ) your past which affects you, and every thought that was and that will come in the chaos of the experience. That new layer is very interesting and you can achieve there completeness, peace, love and joy but chaos, fear and others as well. That duality of qualities make it impossible to be exclusively heavenly realm. Here we are in the fallen state, where both love and hate exist and we are prone to commit evil and wicked acts or experience fear, pain and death. I believe we are in the midst between heaven and hell. Getting into "tryptamine realm" is like balancing between both, every misery and the opposite of it you will feel on a much deeper level of your consciousness.

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