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#1 Posted : 12/21/2018 10:21:44 PM

There's an Evolution going on!

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I'm gonna keep this as simple as possible...

I USED to be a recreational tripper, but that was long ago...
opiates, kratom, coke and speed were my go-to party drugs for the last decade.

I've never tried DMT, but it's been on my radar for about 5 years (thanks Terence)...
admittedly, I didn't quite comprehend it's "Sacred" significance until this year.

That said...
I recently had an intense mystical experience that I simply couldn't ignore...
i've been working through it for 2 years now.

1st year: I ignored it and my life went from "on top of the world" to "absolute total destruction", it acutely ruined MOST of my relationships (with some exceptionally dangerous people) and literally almost killed me.

2nd year: I've been learning what happened, identifying it (spontaneous ego-death), coming to terms with it... what it means, how to function in society again, how I embody it going forward... I've been doing more self-work than I thought my heathen-ass would EVER entertain.

I've never been religious, I never used to meditate, I have 4 Pentagrams on the custom built chopper I ride... I gave up seeking when I was probably 20 years old, I'm now 44... it's been VERY FUCKING WEIRD.

Needless to say, it led me here.

I've already learned a LOT of what you guys are trying to decipher from your trips, without ever having taken the trip to hyperspace.

I can probably help a lot of people decipher some things. I need to finish sorting myself out first though. I think I'm at the tail-end of the initial experience, but I'm about to start voyaging for the first time (and in this natural state of Awareness)...

So this should be fun. Very happy

*At least I hope so, it's been the most harrowing experience of my life so far! Neutral

So I started an account here because I want to document my experiences, for myself, and for a community that may benefit from them. I WASN'T going to share this with anyone, it's been intensely personal.

But after recognizing the positive mantra of the Nexus... after reading about people having similar feelings after their trips, and since I'm embarking on this journey from a relatively unusual perspective to most people... I figure it's worth trying to document publicly in a safe, educated space... in case there's some valid insights from it.

I may not share everything... hell, I may share nothing, and simply choose to help others integrate. I have NO IDEA what I'm in for, but I just wanted to have some legit company on the ride. I haven't been able to REALLY talk about this with anyone (crazy talk)...

Luckily, that's the status-quo around here. Smile

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Come what may

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Glad to have you here! Enjoy the ride!

I look forward to your contributions, should you so feel inclined to share. Peaked my interest anyhow...

Welcome to the Nexus!
"In the universe there is an immeasurable, indescribable force which shamans call intent, and absolutely everything that exists in the entire cosmos is attached to intent by a connecting link." ~Carlos Castaneda
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Welcome! I'm very new also. I am recovering from fifteen years heroin and speed addiction myself. Are those your freeze precipitation trays? I use Corningware just like it!! Makes it very easy to collect the alks as opposed to a jar.
olympus mon wrote:
You need to hit it with intention to get where you want to be!

"We have arrived at truth, and now we find truth is a mystery- a play of joy, creation, and energy. This is source. This is the mystic touchstone that heals and renews. This is the beginning again. This is entheogenic." -Nicholas Sand
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Hi, welcome Very happy I see myself in your words, my path was very similar to yours,stimulants abuse, bad relationships - that girl of dreams with huge turnover ,i feel you completely Sad and than came path to self improvement trough psychedelics and your whole world was turned upside down Very happy i think that here are many people who have gone trough same thing in their life until they actually started learning from the depth of entheogenic practice and began process of self healing and integration of that visionary states Smile i wish you all the best and pleasant journeys Smile
#5 Posted : 1/5/2019 8:24:57 PM
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that looks tuff lol im new to the web
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Tony6Strings wrote:
I use Corningware just like it!! Makes it very easy to collect the alks as opposed to a jar.

Ah good ol Corning USA.
Corning or old Pyrex is basically all I'll trust glasswise anymore.

I don't think new Pyrex is borosilicate..

#7 Posted : 1/6/2019 3:00:52 PM

There's an Evolution going on!

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This can be made as complicated as Life itself...
but it really doesn't need to be:

We are Celestial Beings.

Learn to live your Life without Suffering, it's not supposed to be like this...
the Ego-mind/Corporeal body are an illusion that's gotten out of control.

Recognize this about yourself, open your mind to the idea that you aren't JUST flesh-and-bone... nor is anyone else on the planet (so don't hate them for their ignorance)... many people are simply lost, disconnected from their true nature.

This creates greed, anger, lust, etc... all the trappings that never satiate the appetite and eventually make us suffer, especially as we grow older and the illusion of "success" starts to fade into the reality that "you can't win that way, it doesn't make you happy".

Once you come to terms with this, stop allowing the idea that we are "small, insignificant little humans" to manifest... that kind of ego-thinking is what spurs you to try harder, be more, be better than the next guy... and counter-intuitively we Suffer for it, because we can NEVER satiate that appetite. Ever.

It's a Trap!

Open your mind to the idea that we ARE the Universe itself. And this game, is just that.

Then you can find solutions to help alleviate your suffering. Namely, by Loving. That's where happiness is found. Directly.

Discover who you are, look inside yourself and face EVERYTHING... explore it all like a hot poker stabbed into your chest... you're a junkie? Ask yourself WHY. Keep asking, keep looking at it... explore it all the way back to your childhood. Then forgive it all, and everyone involved. Can't forgive? Actually you can, when you understand everything, you have no choice left but to forgive.

This process is called "Self-Inquiry"... but essentially it's "Mastery", control over your emotions... control over yourself.

It IS attainable.

You will find as you shine light (attention) on the Suffering that you hide from (by getting high, watching TV, chasing pussy, money, etc)... that Suffering disappears when you embrace it head-on. You gain power over it. The light kinda burns the black away, much like TheDarkness in the movie SilentHill. It sizzles away.

Enlightenment is LETTING GO!

That said, this process doesn't mean you can't have any of those things... it's not abstinence. It's Mastery. It's learning about your true self to such a degree, that when you go chase pussy again (down the road; DO THE WORK FIRST!)... it's only a game that's enjoyable, not a source of Suffering (when she teases or breaks your heart). It just doesn't affect you the same way, because now you KNOW yourself (and Life), innately... you recognize everything for what it is, and it can't REACH you anymore... it simply doesn't matter as much. TV becomes drab brainwash, in favor of learning new things about your HIGHER SELF, the Planet, People... and what comes next.

This world is a low-consciousness materialist paradigm. We're here to LEARN our way OUT of it... NOT wallow IN it.

Raise yourself up... transcend.

There's more LIFE out there. You're a total fool if you can't see that.

It's not about Aliens. It's ALL about Us. Absolutely Everything is Us. One.

That doesn't mean it's a simple world though, that means there's INFINITELY more worlds to explore. So learn to get your stupid fucking ignorant monkey-ass OFF this low-consciousness one.


You can discover your happiness in the harsh investigation of your LOWER self, your Ego.

It's an emotionally taxing pursuit (call it "Spiritual Purification" if you like: it fucking hurts)... but when you come out the other side knowing your true HIGHER self... that's when things start to get better. Life gets, different. MORE Consciousness.

If you haven't figured it out already...
It's ALL about Consciousness.

There's an EVOLUTION going on!

It's always been going on...
study Hindu (Kriya) Yoga, ZEN, Buddhist "Rainbow Body", Transfiguration, NonDuality, etc.

This isn't new, you've just been asleep...
Your Low-Consciousness activities keep you asleep, stop it now.

Wake Up... Higher Consciousness is waiting for everyone...
you just need to embrace it and you'll find yourself in a completely different world.

Without Drugs.

Here's something to help you begin to understand the thought process:

This isn't about Religion...
it's simply about Truth... who we are.

Anyway, I probably won't be back...
my life is just getting started.

I just wanted people to feel this message...
some heads on this forum likely recognize what I'm saying,
to the rest of you... Mastery.

The Rabbit Hole is waaaaay deeper than you think...
and we LIVE right at the very bottom. That's home.

Peace out Psychonauts...
It only hurts if you resist!

Just fucking Surrender.

- Pitch. Black. Zen.

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Come what may

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Thank you for such a passionate statement!

chop wood... carry water... Thumbs up
"In the universe there is an immeasurable, indescribable force which shamans call intent, and absolutely everything that exists in the entire cosmos is attached to intent by a connecting link." ~Carlos Castaneda
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To all the newcomers that's how you get promoted in 2 posts! Lol
In all seriousness thank you for posting, I really needed to read that this morning!!
Wise words which I resonate with<3
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No way ticket

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Underrated thread Thumbs up
Ora, lege, lege, lege, relege et labora

“There is a way of manipulating matter and energy so as to produce what modern scientists call 'a field of force'. The field acts on the observer and puts him in a privileged position vis-à-vis the universe. From this position he has access to the realities which are ordinarily hidden from us by time and space, matter and energy. This is what we call the Great Work."
― Jacques Bergier, quoting Fulcanelli
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downwardsfromzero wrote:
Underrated thread Thumbs up

Indeed. Aside from the awakening bit [which I wonder] ..Great words && a great thread.
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Long live the world in peace, prosperity, and freedom from suffering

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What one sees here is that DMT clearly makes people get it. Its an experience which teaches about the essence of existence.
Todo lo que quiero es que me recuerdes siempre así...amándote. Mantay kuna kayadidididi~~Ayahuasca shamudididi. Silence ○ Shiva ◇ eternal Purusha.
What we have done is establish the rule of authority in silence. Silence is the administrator of the universe. In silence is the script of Natural Law, eternally guiding the destiny of everyone. The Joy of Giving See the job. Do the job. Stay out of the misery.
May this world be established with a sense of well-being and happiness. May all beings in all worlds be blessed with peace, contentment, and freedom.
This mass of stress visible in the here & now has sensuality for its reason, sensuality for its source, sensuality for its cause, the reason being simply sensuality.
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