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Making Changa or Chamndha Quick, Cheap, Safe & Easy? (Changa is smokable/vapable ayahuasca.)
*only do this in a country where it is legal*

Make sure to meditate for a few hours beforehand & during, and afterward.
To open your heart, do metta meditation.
To free yourself from birth, meditate on Dependent Origination.
Ajahn Brahm & others have good vids on youtube for all that.

Let's make 5g of changa (about 100 doses) with minimal effort and cost. You might expect to spend $70.
Note: If you replace the Mimosa hostilis with Acacia confusa, it is possible to make chamndha this way, altho it's better to make chamnha properly without DMT.

Ingredients required:
100g of low-NMT Mimosa hostilis Root Bark powder (know your source! too much NMT will nullify the effects of DMT for most people. if you have bark with higher NMT content, this is the wrong tek. you will need to do more work to separate out the NMT.)
100g of Syrian rue seeds or (root powder if you prefer harmine to harmaline or THH)
1g of mullein leaf (or if vape cart is preferred, the JC105 iKrusher cart is best for thick oils, and you'll need to get some pure Dimethylsulfoxide [DMSO] from
enough vinegar to fully cover the bark (maybe about 500mL)
1 cup vegetable oil
200g sodium carbonate (a.k.a. washing soda) or calcium hydroxide (a.k.a. pickling or masonry lime)
1 cup of acetone
1 quart size glass mason jar
Hemp nut milk bag

Put 100g of rue seeds into mason jar and add 500mL warm water. Stir for 1 minute and let sit while you do the next step.

Put the bark powder in the vinegar and leave in a crock pot or low simmer in a pot for an hour.
Now stir in the washing soda or lime.
Add enough so that your mix is not wet anymore.
Wait 5 minutes.
Stir in enough vegetable oil so that the bark mix is a thicky oily mud.
Mix in your 300mL of acetone while the mix is still very warm.
Stir for one minute.
Dump the mix into the hemp nut milk bag and squeeze all the acetone out into a glass or metal dish.

Now strain the rue juice thru the nut milk bag into a pot.
NOTE: If you prefer a more powerful, less sedating experience, assuming you started with rue seeds, you can convert the harmaline from the rue seed juice into Tetrahydroharmine by boiling it for 24 hours.

(Assuming you want dry herb changa, not vape cart formSmile
Add the mullein to the rue juice.
This rue juice you will boil down until it is a small amount, about 20mL or so. Now put it in the oven on low and check it every few minutes as you dehydrate it further onto the mullein.
Now you've got harmala-infused mullein. Take that and dump it into the acetone dish.
Take that acetone dish with the harmala-mullein and put it by a fan or in front of a window so the wind can help it evaporate.

50mg should be a medium dose to vape.

If you prefer a vape cart over a dry herb, basically instead of drying all your acetone and rue juice onto leaf, you're just going to dry it without leaf, until it's a goo. Then you can use warm DMSO (about 1/3 DMSO by weight of goo) to dissolve the goo and all that goes straight into the vape cart.

P.S. There are a lot more drugs in Mimosa hostilis root bark than most people know about. You can extract them only at a high pH (14) which requires sodium hydroxide or potassium hydroxide instead of sodium carbonate. I have so far found NMT (sort of feels to me like THC, not very psychedelic, but has a feminine energy), some type of opioid, some type of tryptamine (I call it MimoLove) which is similar to Metta in Acacia confusa, which I call the true psychedelic version of MDMA, as well as 3 other tryptamines, one of which was super crazy with aliens dancing insanely fast, one of which had some sinister visuals, and one of which had some heavenly geometric visuals. With every harvest there are different levels of each tryptamine in the bark.

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