Looking for advice - your thoughts on cannabis use and ayahuasca Options
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I rather root my values in my own hallucinations than in society´s neurotic illusions..

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For myself I said ney because when I smoke then I smoke way too much to leave room for another plant to shine also.

I think I have this diagnose as well haha
"Too cute to live, too cozy to die" - Eaglepath

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Long live the world in peace, prosperity, and freedom from suffering

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Jega wrote:
If any drug becomes 'a close and dear friend' I would consider whether it might be a good idea to cut back generally, regardless of any ceremony. For me personally, I believe in 'going in clean' to the Aya experience. Couldn't agree more with what Eaglepath said.

Whats so wrong 'bout loving a plant huh? Pleased Aya is a good friend, in hyperspace she sorta sings you got a friend in meee
Cura cura cuerpecito/Cura cura almacita/Ayahuasca medicina/eres muy sagrada/ tienes el poder de sanar nuestra gente/Chacrunita medicina...wachumita medicina...Nakaykuna medicina...
When its good as it can be it gets better wait and see
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Fly with the sea birds and sh!t

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And then you go to infinity and beyond!
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FranLover wrote:
Whats so wrong 'bout loving a plant huh? Pleased
Haha.. what 'the two of you' do in the privacy of your own home is no concern of mine. Thumbs up
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