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“Dear Satan” is an amusing animated Christmas film, created by Anomaly London, about a young girl who accidentally writes a heartfelt letter to Satan, when she actually meant to send it to Santa. One little girl changes the way Christmas functions in Anomaly’s awesome film, narrated by the great Sir Patrick Stewart, with one hellacious typo.

Trippy glass for trippy people.
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Reminds me:
Wolfnippletip attached the following image(s):
when-you-ask-santa-for-a-puppy-but-accidentally-write-3297042.png (216kb) downloaded 91 time(s).
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Jagube wrote:

The vomit-purge... is real Laughing Twisted Evil
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Fly with the sea birds and sh!t

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“Sa-Satan? They’re the same letters... Theyre the same guy...”
-Detroit Rock City
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Demons are like vampires, you gotta invite if you want them to come tonight.
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AAhahahahaha. This is SO GOOD. And the only thing that could make it even better - narration by P.S..
Thanks Jagube, for posting it.
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Luckily satan wasn't dyslectic as well, or she would have got a three-headed, fire-breathing god.
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I know more about the gods than your priest, ive seen them.

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Metta-Morpheus wrote:
“Sa-Satan? They’re the same letters... Theyre the same guy...”
-Detroit Rock City

Lmao I love that movie 🎥
This guys ego ^
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