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Hello, friends!

I procured an interest in this forum and its myriad of information back in 2012. I made an account here, Shortly thereafter, lost access to my email and forgot my password for this website as it was saved on a computer that was taken from me. In the following years i have done countless reading on the spirit molecule and finally have had some experience with said substance. It pained me to see that the nexus had become a harder place to join. I had sat and done some thinking until i finally remembered my password and was able to reset my nexus account password. For this i am very thankful. This forum is a magical place and i feel extremely grateful my account was still active here. I am looking forward to becoming a good-standing member of this forum. I would also like to introduce myself to everyone, i am JC or Jaycee and am excited to be meeting and talking/sharing ideas with some of you. I am a 28 year old Canadian who is looking to expand and explore consciousness and such subjects. Hopefully i am accepted into this beautiful community. Thanks for having me and sharing this wonderful information located right here, on the Nexus. I have done countless google searches and kept getting directed to this forum for information on a plethora of subjects, each time woefully aware i had an account here that i could not access. Anyways thanks for reading and i am anticipating some meaningful conversations with you all.

Thanks, Jaycee
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